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If sanctions are lifted on Cuba, cigar lovers in America will benefit. By John B. Virata The Cuban cigar has been the standard for which all...

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  Cigar & Spirits magazine is counting down the world’s best cigars from 2014, as rated by our expert ratings panel, the eight members of...

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How do these words fit into your cigar tasting vocabulary? By Rick Rhay Flavor, complexity, body, richness. Strength, power, intensity. Mild, medium, full. Every cigar smoker...


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A whiskey named after Lehman Brothers is either a good idea or a failure waiting to happen. By Cari Jorgensen If you have children, perhaps you’ve...

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The Wanship, Utah distillery features a brand new 1,600 gallon copper still. By John B. Virata High West Whiskey, a Utah-based distiller announced that it will...

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Looking for a potato-based vodka cocktail? Try these recipes from Zodiac Vodka. By Cari Jorgensen Vodka can be made from just about anything – from fruit...

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