Kentucky Gentlemen Cigars

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Tobacco aged in bourbon barrels and cigars blended with American grown tobacco. By Lanee Lee Some of life’s best inventions were accidents. Penicillin, the formula for...
torano cigars

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The Toraño brands of cigars have been acquired by leading cigar marketer and manufacturer, General Cigar Co. By Cari Jorgensen General Cigar Company, one of the...
A cigar can break the ice at an event.

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A Perfect Way to Break the Ice By Alex Lukoff & Tony Wilson Fear of death only ranks as people’s third biggest fear—behind walking into a...


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One taste of these, and you’ll fall right into the season drinking these tasty flavored cocktails. By Cari Jorgensen and Melissa Kauffman Pinnacle Pumpkin Pie Vodka—Pumpkin...

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By Amanda Keeley-Thurman The chic lifestyle, the sexy advertisements, and the sleek bottles on bar shelves would make almost anyone want to be a part...
Tequila con Sangrita

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By Tiffany N. Perry When contemplating tequila as my drink of choice during a night out, I feel stymied by the usual tendencies of “straight”...

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