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New this season is the El Diablo, a massive 6.5” x 66 and the Rare Lapiz, a 6.75” x 56 tapered cigar. By John B. Virata General...

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The Dominican Cigar Review magazine Gives Untamed a 5 star rating By John B. Virata La Aurora’s “Untamed” cigar, introduced in July 2014 at the IPCPR...

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Could the reporter have gotten a better deal than the Hotel National? By John B. Virata If you travel to Cuba, you can bring back about...


Mint Julep in a Julep cup.

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Go back in time with these ‘20s-era cocktail favorites.  By Cari Jorgensen  My favorite book of all time is “The Great Gatsby.” I read it every...

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With whiskey on the rise, drinkers are searching for different ways to enjoy it. By Cari Jorgensen More and more people are drinking whiskey. Some enjoy...

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Cigar & Spirits spoke with Distiller regarding the year ahead for whiskey. By Cari Jorgensen The market have seen an upward trend toward whiskey in the last...

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