The Eighth ProCigar Festival will take place February 21 in Santiago, the Dominican Republic, and ProCigar, the Association of the Dominican Cigar Manufacturers is expecting more than 300 guests from more than 20 countries at the annual event. In celebration of the event, an auction will take place at the gala dinner at the Centro Español. Proceeds with benefit the Voluntariado de Jesús con los Niños and the Hospicio San Vicente de Paúl. These are non-profit organizations that help ill children and impoverished older people.

Auction items include:

Lot 1
Item: ProCigar Festival 2015 Special Edition Box Collage Starting Bid: US$ 750.00



Item: ProCigar Festival 2015 Special Edition Box Collage Starting Bid: US$ 750.00

URNY is collectively made up of Fernando Romero and Mike Baca, whose mission is to inspire creativity amongst the youth through their work. Their mixed media art pieces are bold to say the least, paying homage to the New York City Streets, and evoking a sense of familiarity that resonates with their viewers. Drawing inspiration from their environment, some of their go-to mediums include photography, silk-screen, and graffiti. When they are not brainstorming and experimenting in their studio, they travel in the name of artistic philanthropy, reaching out and exposing the youth of various cultures to graffiti and selfexpression. URNY has created an exclusive design for the Procigar Festival 2015, mixing elements of the Dominican culture with the modern society were the tobacco is the main character. This unique piece is composed by 4 cigar boxes containing 11 cigars each; each box is a part of this particular craft, forming a beautiful masterpiece that will only be owned by one lucky individual.
Lot 2
Tabacalera Palma
Item: 79TH Anniversary Tribute Humidor Starting Bid: US$ $ 800.00


“We are honored to be part of the ProCigar family and what the organization represents. We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce one of the projects we’ve been actively working on for the last year: our inaugural Anniversary Series. My father founded this company with hard work and passion nearly 79 years ago, and this is part of my legacy to honor him.” Jochy Blanco connoted this statement in a recent memo regarding his new release in the upcoming ProCigar festival. Procigar 2015 will essentially be the introductory setting of the Anniversary Series, where the ring and concept design along with the initial blend in a 6 x 50 Toro vitola will be exposed to all attendees. However, the brand will not be released to the market until late 2015. The company has specially handcrafted a tribute humidor for the ProCigar auction, composed of four trays that contain 79 cigars of a few traditional blends. The cigars will be branded by the 79th Anniversary rings, although, only 7 Churchills in the humidor and the single cigars handed out throughout the festival in the 6 x 50 Toro vitola will have the authentic blend.
Lot 3
La Aurora
Item: La Aurora Puro Vintage 2006 Edición Limitada 111 Aniversario Starting Bid US$ 1,000

La Aurora, the original cigar factory in Dominican Republic, offers the zero-numbered boxes of the next Limited edition to be launch to the market: La Aurora Puro Vintage 2006 EdiciónLimitada 111 Aniversario. Three vintage wooden boxes, replica of the original 1903 La Aurora packaging, with 18 exclusive cigars each in three different shapes: Salomón (71/4×52/60), Preferidos (5×54) &Robusto Gordo (5×54). First edition of 54 cigars created to celebrate our 111 years making the best quality cigars.
Lot 4
Tabacalera de Garcia
Item: Montecristo Icon Humidor Starting bid: 1,500.00

lot3Considered by many to be the benchmark of quality, Montecristo is one of the most respected and well-known brands in the world. This one of a kind, custom-made humidor features six iconic Montecristo blends. From the Montecristo Classic with its specially selected Connecticut Shade wrapper and smooth, aromatic and flavorful smoke to the award-winning Monte by Montecristo with its innovative double binder to the Montecristo Epic 2007, specially blended by our Grupo de Maestros with over 240 years of experience, this humidor is filled with 300 of the finest premium hand-made cigars available. Humidorincludes 300 cigars: 50 – Montecristo Grupo De Maestros LimitedEdition 50 – Montecristo Classic Series 50 – Montecristo White Series 50 – Montecristo Platinum Seriecs 50 – Monte by Montecristo 50 – Montecristo Epic 2007
Lot 5
Quesada Cigars
Item: Quesada Cigars Special Selection Humidor Starting Bid: US$ 1,500.00

For this special occasion the Quesada family has hand-selected an assortment of 150 their finest cigars and packaged them together for the first time in a one-of-a-kind special selection humidor made in their exclusive box factory. Included in this unique edition are rare cigars no longer found on the open market as well as the ultra-limited Quesada España Petite Belicoso. It is the very definition of luxury and an essential item for the aficionado who demands only the best and most exclusive cigars for his collection. Cigars Included in this One of a Kind Quesada Humidor: 25 Quesada Oktoberfest 2013 Edition 25 Quesada 40th Anniversary Corona Clásica 25 Quesada España Petite Belicoso 25 Quesada Jalapa 25 Casa Magna Licey 25 Never Released Mystery Cigars
Lot 6
General Cigar Dominicana
Item: Rancho Humidor “The Barn Humidor” Starting Bid: US$1,800.00

General Cigar Dominicana is proud to present the “Barn Humidor“, a handcrafted mahogany masterpiece created exclusively for Procigar Festival 2015. This one–of-a-kind humidor is truly a collector’s item, it houses a total of 120 cigars from one of the most acclaimed cigars from 2014: Macanudo Estate Reserve Jamaica, which have been manufactured exclusively for the true connoisseur. General Cigar’s master woodworkers have toiled to make this stylish and sophisticated humidor entirely by hand, in homage to the exquisite collection of cigars contained within. This once-in-a-lifetime offer will never be re-created, thus providing the winning bidder with the opportunity to own a piece of premium cigar history.Macanudo Estate Reserve is a limited edition, once-a-year release that pays homage to the now 46 year history of Macanudo. Each year, a new, high-end blend is created in very limited quantities to showcase the skill and talents of the people behind Macanudo, the world’s biggest brand. Macanudo Estate Reserve 2014 is a fitting tribute to Macanudo’s roots and its beginnings in Jamaica. Each luxurious handmade is carefully crafted with a 10-year old Connecticut Shade wrapper and a private reserve of authentic Jamaican tobacco grown exclusively for this release. This enticing blend promotes a unique-tasting smoke that’s extremely smooth, elegant, and refined. Notes of cream, white pepper, coffee, cedar, and sweetness are present within each thick, smoke-filled puff. A perfect way to commemorate the history and success of Macanudo, the perfect cigar to celebrate with something special in your own life.

Lot 7 La Flor Dominicana
Item: BY LITTO Starting Bid: US$ 2,000.00

The rarity of this 100 count box lies not only in the unique blend but in the story behind the cigars, which were all totally hand rolled by Litto Gomez himself. These cigars have never been sold in the market and never will be they are a priceless piece of history for you to enjoy and share as you please.

Lot 8
Tabadom Holding, Inc.
Starting bid: US $2,750.00 Item: Davidoff Edition and Davidoff Limited Masters Edition 2015 Davidoff Collector’s Edition.




We are delighted to bring you one of the last five highly limited run of fifty Davidoff Collectors Edition, created by Dominican-based Quisqueya Henríquez. Launched in 2012, Davidoff Art Initiative supports contemporary art and artists in the Caribbean and strengthens art organizations in the Dominican Republic. Quisqueya Henríquez’s art work is inspired by the beauty and natural complexity of tobacco leaves, calling to mind the intricate handcraft of cigar making and evoking the multiple phases involved in the tradition of cigar manufacture. The original artist’s print a cue from the psychological Rorschach technique. The complex flavor of the “Davidoff Limited Art Edition” cigar begins with an enjoyable sweetness and develops a smooth creaminess. This is followed by hints of peppery notes and floral nuances. A slightly higher percentage of Piloto tobacco gives it a bolder, fuller aroma and accentuates this refined and intense blend. The Davidoff Limited Masters Edition 2015This box comprises a Robusto and Toro format that are crafted in a medium strong blend with rich aromas. The eight years old filler tobaccos together with the Dominican Criollo binder enable an elegant enjoyment and deliver pronounced notes of wood, milk and coffee and roasted almonds followed by a creamy aftertaste. The Toro format balances the blend to delight the golf players on the course with a rather less dominant experience. The Robusto format on the other hand has spicier flavors and delivers the aromas in a more intense way. It is perfect for enjoying a moment of camaraderie after a game at the clubhouse. Only 7’500 boxes will be made available globally.

Lot 9
Corporación Cigar Export
Item: Impressive Starting Bid: US $4,000.00



The beauty of the cigar industry lies in the tradition of molding fine blends of tobacco leaves into masterpieces with this impressive humidor we hold the spirit of hundreds of thousands of cigars made with love and passion. The master crafter René León selected our most vintage wooden molds to elaborate this replica

Lot 10
Tabacalera Fuente
Don Arturo Gran AnniverXario Destino al Siglo Starting bid: US$1,000.00


Destino al Siglo is a very special unique series of cigars in honor of the 100th Anniversary of Arturo Fuente Cigars in 2012. This limited edition was released in 13 and 26 cigars per box, in four different profiles: Siglo de Pasión, Siglo de Familia, Siglo de Amistad and Siglo de Amor; representing these important values carried out by the company throughout these years. As a limited edition, very few were released at the end of 2013. The Don Arturo Gran AnniverXario Destino al Siglo is a rare and distinct blend within the Fuente portfolio using the finest aged tobaccos and Sungrown Dominican Wrapper.
To be auctioned: 4 boxes: 1 box Siglo de Pasión 26-ct, 1 box Siglo de Amor 13-ct, 1 box Siglo de Familia 13-ct, 1 box Siglo de Amistad 13-ct.