An artisanal mezcal is now available.

By Cari Jorgensen

Vicio Mezcal has arrived, courtesy of Dock Street Spirits. This is the first exploratory spirit produced by the distillery, which promises additional artisanal spirits.

Mezcal, often referred to as Tequila’s smoky cousin and associated with the “worm,” hails from the Oaxaca region of Mexico. Dock Street Spirits says its mezcal is “made by hand and cooked in the earth with age-old methods passed on by generations of mezcaleros (distillers). [Their] venture encompasses three years of traveling to Mexico, delving into the Oaxacan culture and meeting mezcaleros to finalize [their] mezcal recipe. Vicio Mezcal is smooth with a floral nose. It does down like lightning, yet it is soft, harmonious and enveloping.”

The bottle features a Mexican salamander called an axolotl, which Argentinean author Julio Cortázar made popular in his short story, “Axolotl.” In it, the narrator becomes an axolotl after discovering a different way of seeing, a different life that the strange salamander showed him. Perhaps that is the goal of the Vicio Mezcal – to give the drinker a different perspective of this spirit, to change him. It could be worth trying to find out.