91%C&S Rating

Produced in one of Russia’s top distilleries, every step of this vodka’s production process is sternly controlled by Dr. Mark Kauffman and only the highest standards are kept in mind. What sets Kauffman Vodka apart is that this is the world’s first spirit produced only in vintage years- when the wheat crop is at its best and only in small batches to ensure quality. The result of this process is a refined and subtle vodka with a slight taste of mint.

ABV: 40% | RETAIL: $150

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Randy Mastronicola

Randy Mastronicola is Editor-in-Chief for Cigar & Spirits Magazine. Randy’s favorite lifestyle topics within the cigar universe are sports, fashion, food and travel, pop culture and personal growth. Randy is a native New Yorker. He attended New York University’s Washington Square University College and obtained a degree in Journalism. Randy has worked in marketing and publishing for a number of years, maintains a life coaching certification and is a.k.a. ZenGuido.

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