Cigar & Spirits: What’s your background in modeling? When did you get started?
Leanna Bartlett: Well I’m originally from Ukraine, but I started modeling in L.A. about 6 years ago.

Cigar & Spirits: What’s is your most memorable modeling job that you’ve done so far?
Leanna Bartlett: It’s hard to choose because most of them are special to me in a different way. But I have to say, the Cigar & Spirits shoot was amazing!

Leanna BartlettCigar & Spirits: What is your favorite cocktail or spirit?
Leanna Bartlett: I love the lemon drop vodka martini.

Cigar & Spirits: Where have you traveled to recently? Where do you enjoy traveling to the most and why?
Leanna Bartlett: I went to Chicago recently. I love that big city. I went to Hong Kong last year and it was an amazing place to discover. I mostly enjoy warm places and beaches though.

Cigar & Spirits: Do you have a special or unique hobby that you would like to share?
Leanna Bartlett: I like to go ice skating, it’s so much fun!

Cigar & Spirits: What are your ultimate goals?
Leanna Bartlett: I really want to continue with my modeling career and take it as far as I can. It has been great so far but I haven’t done everything I want to do yet. But at the end of the day, it’s all about working hard and playing hard.

Cigar & Spirits: What is one of your qualities that you feel most stands out?
Leanna Bartlett: Being a sweetheart of course!

Cigar & Spirits: How would you describe the perfect gentleman?
Leanna Bartlett: He has to be goal oriented and charming with a sense of humor. He also has to have a good heart and be very loving and passionate.

Cigar & Spirits: What would your perfect date night include?
Leanna Bartlett: We would go have some sushi with nice conversation and crazy chemistry.

Cigar & Spirits: What are your favorite men’s and women’s fashions?
Leanna Bartlett: I like the clean classy look on a bad boy [laughs]. For women, I would go with a sexy classy look as well.