Stop now if you haven’t seen Jurassic World.

By John B. Virata

I saw Jurassic World over the weekend. I admit it, I am a fan of the movies. Digital dinosaurs are always fun to watch as they wreak havoc on humans. One scene in the film that caught my eye was when the pterodactyls attack the park goers. The scene is in the trailers that ran up to the opening of the movie, but if you haven’t seen it yet and want to, then stop reading now.

For the rest of us who love our alcohol, the scene shows a man who just purchased two margaritas, and not wanting to waste his precious drinks, grabs them and runs as the flying dinosaurs are picking people off left and right, just as you would expect them to do so. BuzzFeed has the lowdown on this hero to drink lovers, which they pulled off Twitter. And while Chris Pratt spent a heck of a lot of time saving humans from the sure death of the raptors, this hat wearing sunglass donned middle aged man stole the scene, saving those precious margaritas.


One Response

  1. Melinda

    That was the real world Jimmy Buffet you know…which makes that Margaritaville scene even better. He was playing bartender on the movie set and he was in the cafe attack scene