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May/June Issue

Exclusive Interview With Shameless Star William H. Macy

The May/June issue of Cigar & Spirits Magazine is waiting for you. You can find C&S Magazine at Barnes & Noble Bookstores, Hudson News, fine cigar lounges and in the global marketplace.

Here’s a sneak peek so you can set your eyes on some of the finest articles and photos in the cigar and spirits universe today.

Cover Interview 

Shameless Star William H. Macy—Nobody’s Cooler

Feature Articles

  • The Legacy of James Bond
  • Best Old School Pizzerias
  • In Praise of Small Cigars
  • Gifts Your Dad or Grad Won’t ReGift
  • Man Cave Collectibles
  • Give That Man a Cigar! Cigar Celebrations
  • The Rebirth of Absinthe
  • Behind the Leaf: An Interview With Regius Cigars


  • Springtime Sangria Specialties
  • 30 Rated Cigars
  • 20 Rated Spirits
  • Fantastic Cigar Pairings

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