Megan Farquhar is a spirits brand ambassador, mixologist and partner in an app company. That’s in addition to her career as an accomplished print and on-camera model, including being the face of Lara Croft for the 2013 Tomb Raider video game:

Cigar & Spirits: What does your work as a spirits brand ambassador entail?
Megan Farquhar: I’ve worked with the spirits company Tatratea based out of Newport Beach. My work entails going to events and educating consumers on the brand through tastings. I also do photo shoots and help with social media.

Cigar & Spirits: Where, and how long, have you been a bartender and mixologist?
Megan Farquhar: I’ve been a mixologist at Ocean Avenue Brewery Megan Farquhar in Laguna Beach, CA for about 9 months. I was trained under Giovanni Labile who specializes in craft cocktails and has over 18 years of experience. I’ve also learned a great deal about cocktails through my travels.

Cigar & Spirits: What is your typical “go to” cocktail or spirit?
Megan Farquhar: I don’t really have a “go to” cocktail. You’re talking to a girl who studies the cocktail menu at every restaurant I go to! But recently I’ve been into cocktails with fresh ingredients like cucumber and herbs.

Cigar & Spirits: What’s your background in modeling? When did you get started?
Megan Farquhar: I’ve been modeling for 8 years. I started in print modeling, and started doing more and more on-camera work over the past few years. I really enjoy doing on-camera!

Cigar & Spirits: What are some of your most memorable modeling jobs that you’ve done so far?
Megan: Farquhar There are so many amazing and fun jobs I’ve done! Shooting a music video in Malibu with John Legend and Benny Benassi was definitely memorable. I also just recently shot a commercial with director Avi Cohen, and we did some crazy stuff in a Ferrari! And of course being the face of Lara Croft for the 2013 Tomb Raider video game was an honor.

Cigar & Spirits: What do you feel is your biggest accomplishment so far?
Megan Farquhar: I’m pretty proud of my career so far, but I’m the type of person who always wants more. I’m part owner of an app company called AppGenius that is launching in May; I’m very excited for that!

Cigar & Spirits: What are your ultimate goals?
Megan Farquhar: In modeling I would love to do more on-camera hosting, my dream job is hosting a travel show. As for business, I would love to have my own start-up. It’s been the most rewarding feeling building AppGenius from the ground up!

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Cigar & Spirits: Do you ever smoke cigars?
Megan Farquhar: I usually save smoking cigars for a special occasion, like sitting around drinking wine with my family on holidays.

Cigar & Spirits: Where have you traveled recently? Where do you enjoy traveling to the most and why?
Megan Farquhar: So far this year I’ve been to Hawaii, Australia, Mexico, and I’m going back to Australia for a month to model. I fell in love with Australia and I will definitely be back and forth a lot this year! I’ve also been all over Europe and I plan on going back there this year also. I get around so to speak [laughs].

Cigar & Spirits: Do you have a special or unique hobby that you would like to share?
Megan Farquhar: My hobby is traveling and I usually end up doing some fun things while I’m there; like stand-up paddle boarding, hiking, horseback riding and more. I love the outdoors, so I am usually pretty active with my hobbies.

Cigar & Spirits: What is the most dangerous or daring thing that you’ve ever done?
Megan Farquhar: The most daring thing I’ve ever done was hiking to the top of Wayna Picchu in Peru. I’m deathly afraid of heights and this “trail” to the top of the mountain is so narrow and steep, you feel like you could fall off the edge of the cliff at any moment!

Cigar & Spirits: What is one of your qualities that you feel most stands out?
Megan Farquhar: Confidence.

Cigar & Spirits: What would your perfect date night include?
Megan Farquhar: My perfect date night could really include anything so long as the company is good! Tasty food and yummy drinks is always a good start though.

Cigar & Spirits: What is your favorite men’s fashion? What is your favorite women’s fashion?
Megan Farquhar: My favorite men’s fashion is a button down, nice pair of jeans and great shoes. It’s so sexy when guys have great shoes. My favorite women’s fashion is classy with just the right amount of sexy look. I enjoy wearing a nice dress with the heels and accessories to match!

Cigar & Spirits: How would you describe the perfect gentleman?
Megan Farquhar: The perfect gentleman is intellectual, funny, charming, and adventurous. A man who is confident, but sweet. He also has to be chivalrous and have good style.