$3 million worth of wine, beer, and spirits sold each day on Oahu.

By John B. Virata

Hawaii is known as a tourist state. Its residents do love their football, NASCAR, and celebrate every holiday, federal and state, like its time to party. Oahu is probably the biggest draw for tourists from all over the world, and those tourists like to drink. A lot.

According to a report released by the Honolulu Liquor Commission, more than $1 billion in liquor was sold on Oahu alone in 2014. That is $1,124,919,501.04 to be exact. Broken down by the number of residents on Oahu, the number is pegged at $1,143.87 of alcohol consumed by the island’s nearly 1.1 million residents, even though drinking is allowed only for those 21 years or older. That is $3 million worth of wine, beer, and spirits sold every day of the year.


The bulk of the sales comes from the Waikiki area, Don Murphy of Murphy’s Bar and Grill told KITV.com. “We pay the GET (general excise tax) on it and some other taxes, so it adds up for the state, but, that’s part of doing business.”

According to the commission, wholesalers sold the bulk of liquor on Oahu, with $386.35 million. Retail stores sold $309.56 million in liquor and restaurants sold $192.4 million in liquor.

For an island that enables you to circle it in about two hours, that is a lot of alcohol sales.