Cigar & Spirits:  What’s your background in modeling? When did you get started?
Sulaine Nieves: Well I consider myself a newbie to the industry. But I started modeling a year and a half ago when I was chosen to be a live mannequin for the Artopia event in Miami.

Cigar & Spirits: What is one of your most memorable modeling jobs that you have done so far?

Sulaine Nieves: This shoot for Cigar & Spirits Magazine has definitely topped the charts for me!

Cigar & Spirits:  What is your favorite cocktail or spirit?
Sulaine Nieves: Mojitos without a doubt! I am Cuban after all!

Cigar & Spirits:  Where have you traveled recently? Where do you enjoy traveling to the most and why?
Sulaine Nieves: My most recent trip was to the beautiful Dominican Republic, the birth place of La Capitana. My favorite destinations are in the Caribbean, because it always feels like paradise.
Cigar & Spirits:  Do you have a special or unique hobby that you would like to share?
Sulaine Nieves: If experimenting with hair and makeup is considered a hobby, then I would have to say that one is mine.

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Cigar & Spirits:  What is the most dangerous or daring thing that you have ever done?
Sulaine Nieves: I do not really consider myself a dare devil, but I do enjoy fun and thrilling experiences like the time I went zip lining in Isla Roatan, Honduras. Zipping high above the trees on lines that were longer than 1,000 feet in length took my breath away! Not to mention being able to see the absolutely beautiful scenery where the mountains and the ocean meet.

Cigar & Spirits:  What do you feel is your biggest accomplishment so far?
Sulaine Nieves: One of my biggest accomplishments has been successfully entering the modeling world. I can proudly say that I am following my dreams! One day I decided it was time to stop wishing for it and take action. Despite what others thought or said about it, I took a risk and went for it.

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Cigar & Spirits:  What are your ultimate goals?
Sulaine Nieves: My list of goals is infinite! Currently I’m pursuing a degree in Marketing, so first thing is first, graduating! I also plan to further my success in modeling and develop myself professionally.

Cigar & Spirits: What is one of your qualities that you feel most stands out?
Sulaine Nieves: I’m good-hearted, if I do say so myself. I feel that when people meet me they really get to see that and it stands out because it’s genuine, it’s not fake. Good vibes only!

Cigar & Spirits: How would you describe the perfect gentleman?
Sulaine Nieves: Funny, ambitious, and adventurous!

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Cigar & Spirits:  What would your perfect date night include?
Sulaine Nieves: A simple movie and dinner is always good with me but something different and fun would make it the perfect date night. For example, if he cooks dinner or we go out dancing, maybe have a marshmallow fight, go laser tagging, make our own drive-in movie, I don’t know, put some creativity into it. Of course, everything done with great conversation and lots of laughs!

Cigar & Spirits:  What is your favorite men’s fashion? What is your favorite women’s fashion?
Sulaine Nieves: I like a trendy clean casual look or suit and bow tie for men. For women there are a lot of options you can put together but it should always be classy!