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Celebrity Interviews


By Randy Mastronicola Portraits by John Russo 50 Cent has endured as one of the most dynamic musical artists of his generation. He emerged on the hip-hop landscape with 2003’s Get Rich or Die Tryin’, an album that decidedly changed his life forever. Known formally as Mr. Curtis James Jackson, III, 50 Cent became a hip-hop icon, and would go on to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the greatest artists in his [...]

Anthony Anderson the Star of Black-ish: Time to Live the Dream

By Randy Mastronicola, Portraits by John Russo WE SPENT THE BETTER PART of a muggy, June day with Anthony Anderson at a photo studio in Los Angeles. There was a lot going on. That’s the typical vibe at photo shoots, but more importantly, there was also a lot going on in our California world and globally. The pandemic crisis was in full swing–particularly in Los Angeles–and there were surging Black Lives Matter protests [...]

Jamming Good with Gavin Rossdale: The Bush Frontman Circles Back Into New Frontiers

By Randy Mastronicola IF I SAID TO ANY KID WHO’S EVER BANGED OUT “WILD THING” in his or her garage, “Hey, you’re going to be a rock ‘n roll sex symbol. You’re going to write some dark, raucous, alt-post-grunge songs that help define the sound of a decade. You’re going to headline tours throughout the world. You’re going to experience the good fortune of fame (and, of course, a bit of the downside), [...]

NBA Legend Karl Malone: "The Mailman" Delivers Double Gold Rum and Cigars

By Lincoln Salazar and Randy Mastronicola IF YOU WERE AN NBA FAN during the league’s renaissance in the late 1980s and ‘90s, it would be nearly impossible to dispute that Karl “The Mailman” Malone’s dominance led to one of the most storied careers in the league’s history. His status as the premier power forward of his generation is virtually undeniable. Indeed, Karl has one hell of a basketball resume: In college, Karl was [...]

Sam Heughan: The Actor's Runaway Career and Whisky Ride

By Joe Bosso, Portraits by John Russo IN THE GENERAL MANNER by which Hollywood gauges popularity, Sam Heughan is having a moment. The 39-year-old Scottish actor’s bravura portrayal of Jamie Fraser, the 18th century Highlander hero of the smash Starz time-travel drama Outlander, is one of the prime reasons why the series, now in its sixth season, has become one of those TV phenoms cable networks lust after. Viewers don’t watch the show [...]

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul: Dos Hombres Breaking Brand

By Audrey Pavia, Portraits by Charlie Gray Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have chemistry. You don’t have to look hard to see it. As Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, their on-screen chemistry not only resulted in the infamous blue meth, but it also made Breaking Bad one of the most groundbreaking television series ever produced. In real life, the depth of their friendship is readily obvious after spending just a short time around [...]

Film Legend Francis Ford Coppola: Wine, Women and Spirits

By Audrey Pavia, Portraits by Monti Smith Driving through picturesque, treelined Highway 128 on my way to the Coppola Family estate in Napa Valley, I flashed back to the first time I saw The Godfather. It was 1972, and I was 14 years old. I remember sitting in the theater with my parents, mesmerized by what was happening on screen. I was too young to understand that gripping storytelling, brilliant acting and a [...]

Sports Happen, Life Happens: The Renaissance of Joe Buck

By Randy Mastronicola, Portraits by Monti Smith When I told a colleague of mine recently that I was writing a cover story for our magazine about Joe Buck, his response was, “You know, that’s cool. His voice is incredible and he really knows his stuff. What’s ‘The Renaissance’ thing about though?” Joe Buck turned 50 this year. He has one-yearold twin boys. This is his second act. Like most everyone in the public [...]

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