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Celebrity Interviews

Rob Riggle: Locked in and Loaded

By Joe Bosso, Portraits by Brett Erickson ROB RIGGLE reminds me of one of those “hustle athletes.” The ones who frequently get taken for granted. They are workmanlike, yeomen if you will, and they play their roles effectively without a lot of flash. They are integral players on championship teams, but remain in the shadows compared to the superstars. Even some mega-stars in that category are unique. They surprise you with how they [...]

Mario Lopez & Oscar De La Hoya: Get Their Tequila On

By Joe Bosso, Portraits by Amber Asaly WE MET with Messrs. Mario Lopez and Oscar De La Hoya at Mario’s handsome hacienda in the hills above Los Angeles this past March. Mario was a convivial host—no shock there—to our staff, gathered friends and business associates. Mario and Oscar have an easy rapport, as old friends do, and they shared their excitement about their tequila brand, Casa Mexico, with new and old friends alike. [...]

Dita Von Teese: Star of Stage, Scent and Song Takes Off

By Joe Bosso, Portraits by John Russo You might think that Dita Von Teese would recoil in shocked indignation before administering a swift slap across the face – or perhaps dispatching an even more decisive knee elsewhere – to any uncouth oaf foolish enough to refer to her as a “stripper.” After all, Von Teese is the cinch-waisted reigning queen of modern-day burlesque, whose performance style recalls trailblazing entertainers like Gypsy Rose Lee [...]

G-Eazy Does It

G-EAZY IS A SUPERSTAR—AND HE KNOWS IT. THIS IS USUALLY NOT A GOOD THING FOR A YOUNG MUSICIAN. A CRASH AND BURN OFTEN SEEMS IMMINENT. BUT NOT IN THIS CASE By Randy Mastrnicola, Portraits by John Russo I SPENT AN AFTERNOON with G-Eazy (He was born Gerald Earl Gillum.) shooting pics and shooting whatever else, learning about his vision of the future. He’s got swagger, and you know that if you’ve seen him [...]


One can’t drive 55 while the other moves like Jagger. On paper, they’re an odd, if not impossible, pair to imagine: Sammy Hager, the wailing, mega-watt veteran frontman for hardcharging groups like Montrose, Van Halen and Chickenfoot; and Adam Levine, the smooth, classy-cool singer who, when he’s not leading multiplatinum poppers Maroon 5, holds hopeful newbies’ futures in his hands as a judge on TV’s The Voice. What could these two wildly disparate personalities have in common? For one thing, there’s tequila. “I’ve always loved tequila,” says Levine. [...]

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