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Frank Sinatra Jr. Passes at Age 72

Frank Sinatra Jr. Passes at Age 72

Frank Sinatra Jr.
Jan 10, 1944 – March 16, 2016


The son of the world famous icon Frank Sinatra passed away from an apparent heart attack today at 72 years of age in Daytona, Florida. His passing occurred recently after what would have been, his Father’s 100TH birthday.

Frank Jr.’s sister, Nancy shared the news on Facebook- posting, “Sleep warm, Frankie…” Sinatra Jr. spent most of his life in music. Following in his Father’s footsteps in big band music. Sinatra Jr. was known at a young age for being kidnapped and held for ransom at age 19 at Harrah’s in Lake Tahoe on December 8th 1963 and The “Chairman of The Board” Sinatra Sr. paid the ransom of $240,000 to see his son safely released two days later. In 2003, the movie Stealing Sinatra was released, based on those real life events.

Sinatra Jr. made many television appearances on such shows as The Sopranos and Family Guy throughout his storied career.

While his career in music was never compared to his Father’s, he still carried Ole Blue Eyes’ beautiful voice and talent through many years of performing on stage. Sinatra Jr. learned the music business with Duke Ellington as a mentor. At the young age of 24, he had already performed in approximately 47 states and multiple countries. Jr’s first album was released in 1965 titled, Young Love for Sale.

The Sinatra family legacy will live on in Nancy Sinatra, who posted a handsome picture of Frank on her Instagram Page. Frank Sinatra, and Sinatra Junior will be forever remembered as true, old fashioned Gentlemen.

The thoughts and prayers of everyone here in the Cigar & Spirits Family goes out to the Sinatra Family during this difficult time.

You can find the most recent issue of Cigar & Spirits Magazine on newsstands currently, featuring the Legendary Frank Sinatra Sr on the cover.


-Lincoln B. Salazar, Publisher & CEO



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