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Cigar & Spirits Magazine Names Benjamin Winokur as Editor-in-Chief

Cigar & Spirits Magazine Names Benjamin Winokur as Editor-in-Chief

(Aliso Viejo, CA) April 29th, 2016— Cigar & Spirits Magazine proudly names Benjamin Winokur as their new Editor-in-Chief. In this new role, Mr. Winokur will oversee all aspects of Print & Digital Publication, including editorial content, brand partnerships, and talent acquisitions. Winokur will work in tandem with CEO and Publisher, Lincoln B. Salazar.
In this move, Cigar & Spirits Magazine is focused on further expanding the reach of the print publication alongside a new digital strategy that will increase the online and global footprint of the Cigar & Spirits brand.

Benjamin Winokur is 1 of only 3 Certified Salesforce Tobacconists in the State of California and is best known for his work as the Founder of Cigar Jedi, and as a previous contributing author to Cigar & Spirits Magazine. Outside of the Tobacco Industry, Winokur has immense experience in sales, brand management, and the development of key strategic partnerships.

Benjamin Winokur stated: “It is my distinct pleasure to join the Cigar & Spirits Family in this new and exciting role. Cigar & Spirits Magazine has positioned itself as the publication for the true Cigar or Spirit connoisseur. I am looking forward to helping the Cigar & Spirits Brand expand it’s reach and stature in the Cigar, Spirit, Men’s Fashion, and Luxury Lifestyle segments. It’s my vision that Cigar & Spirits Magazine will be the vade mecum for today’s modern gentleman.”
The hiring of Benjamin Winokur is one of the many changes occurring at Cigar & Spirits Magazine, since being reacquired by Mr. Salazar at the beginning of 2016.
Lincoln Salazar, CEO and Publisher of Cigar & Spirits Magazine stated: “Cigar & Spirits Magazine is more committed today than ever to our loyal readers, brand ambassadors, business partners, and advertisers. Mr. Winokur possesses the literary skill-set to raise the bar editorially for the publication, but also a vision to build a brand that customers and partners alike can be proud to align themselves with.”


ABOUT CIGAR & SPIRITS MAGAZINE: Cigar & Spirits Magazine, a publication of Top Hat Media Group was established in 2012 by Lincoln B. Salazar. Today, Cigar & Spirits Magazine is distributed in 14 countries around the globe, with a reach of over 230,000 readers. It has featured celebrities such as William Shatner, Leonardo DiCaprio, Carlos Santana, Mario Lopez, and many more.


Cigar & Spirits Magazine was established as The Gentleman’s Lifestyle Magazine. Featuring the very best Spirits, Cigars, and Luxury Lifestyle accoutrements from around the world, they are the only Men’s Lifestyle Magazine focusing on Cigars, Spirits, and Luxury Lifestyle.


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