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Davidoff Cigars Unveils Limited Chefs Edition

Davidoff Cigars Unveils Limited Chefs Edition

E_Davidoff Chefs Edition 2016

Davidoff Cigars has unveiled its new Limited Chefs Edition in a spectacular white gourmet night on Saturday 20th February at Minitas Beach, Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic. The event was highlighted by the global launch of the Limited Chefs Edition, a special cigar line, created exclusively by six international chefs.

Peter Knogl

“The Davidoff Chefs Edition offers fine dining and an exceptional cigar for connoisseurs to enjoy after a culinary tour de force. This unique partnership with some of the world’s greatest chefs has inspired Davidoff master blenders to blend this truly memorable cigar,” explained Charles Awad, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing & Innovation at Oettinger Davidoff AG.

“When I first met with my colleagues and the Davidoff team to discuss the blend of Davidoff’s first Chefs Edition, it was important to me that every connoisseur would have fun with the fine cigar. As a chef, my key aim is to deliver new delights and to make people happy, and that’s why I love my job and the Davidoff Chefs Edition project,” said the famed Swiss chef, Peter Knogl, from the Cheval Blanc of Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois in Basel/Switzerland.

Renato Wüest

Renato Wüst

Apart from Peter Knogl, the chefs who applied their refined palates in influencing

this unique cigar were Renato Wüst of Bad Ragaz Grand Resort in Switzerland, TV Chef Ali Güng.rmüs, of Le Canard HH Pageou, Münich in Germany, TV Chef Léa Linster of Restaurant Léa Linster in Luxembourg, Michel Trama of Relais & Chateau, Puymirol in France and Maria Marte of Club Allard, Madrid in Spain. Between them the six chefs boast nine Michelin stars and the two Swiss chefs, Knogl and Wüst have 19 and 15 GaultMillau points respectively Wüst also bears the honour of being GaultMillau CigarMan of the Year 2016.

 The Tobacco Ingredients



FILLER: San Vicente Mejorado Seco, San Vicente Mejorado Visus, Piloto Visus, and San

Vicente Visus

BINDER: Ecuador Connecticut

WRAPPER: Habano 2000

The Davidoff Chefs Edition is the equivalent to a culinary masterpiece. Just like the perfect meal, it begins gently with complex layers of subtle flavours and builds up to a sublime and unforgettable crescendo. The wrapper is oily and smooth and everything about it, from its flawless composition to its elegant colour, whets the appetite for the cigar’s initial aromas, both nutty and sweet. The flavors become richer and more uplifting in the second third, with hints of citrus, bloomy fruit, sweet corn and a refined aftertaste that is both oily and creamy. In the last third, the cigar’s beauty and vitality erupt into an intense, peppery yet meltingly sweet and gratifying Grand Finale, just as a gastronomic experience is crowned by a superb dessert.102234_dav_chefs_edtion_tor_neu_box_001

To complement its robust and complex elegance, the Davidoff Chefs Edition pairs perfectly with an aged Cognac, Amarone, or Sauternes.

Launch and availability

The Davidoff Chefs Edition will be available at selected Appointed Merchants in the US, and at Depositaires/Davidoff Flagship Stores worldwide starting in July 2016.



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