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Gear Guide: Gramm Works

Gear Guide: Gramm Works

By Benjamin Winokur

Cigar ashtrays and travel humidors seem to be a dime-a-dozen these days. There are hundreds, if not thousands of cigar accessories out on the market today that are designed to improve your cigar enjoyment experience.

Often, people wonder if ashtrays are really an item that can be reviewed- there really isn’t much to them right? I mean, what does an ashtray need other than a place to rest your cigar and a bowl deep enough to hold the ash so it doesn’t blow everywhere each time a fan or the wind kicks up.

This was a question I set out to answer when GRAMM Works provided me with their Cinque Forte, and Stag ashtrays.

The Cinque Forte is a 5-finger ashtray, CNC machined from a solid block of aluminum that weighs in at 3.5 pounds. If nothing else, it makes for a great self-defense weapon in a time of need. The Stag, is a smaller, single finger ashtray that is designed for when you only need a cigar rest and ashtray for yourself. For the last few weeks it has become my “go-to” ashtray when I’m writing. It has a small footprint and is well balanced. I can set it on a coffee table, or even the arm of my chair or couch and it stays put thanks to the extra weight and heft. The only downside is that it does fill up rather quickly with ash, but is to be expected due to the smaller size.ashtray_img6743_shadow-copy

The Cinque Forte is also an excellent ashtray, the bowl deep enough to collect plenty of ashy; however, I found that when multiple people tried to use the ashtray, there wasn’t enough room for all the cigars to sit around the circumference without all the sticks hitting each other in the center (unless everyone is smoking Robusto or shorter cigars). That being said, it was the only caveat I could find with the ashtray, making it a product I’m eager to recommend.

Another fantastic product that GRAMM Works sent in to us for revieContainerw is their 7” Built Churchill Tube. Also manufactured from aluminum and CNC machined, it features a built in hygrometer on the cap, holds up to 5 cigars (also available in a single-cigar carrier, sans the hygrometer cap), and even has a place to hold a Boveda pack in the bottom cap. It is also lined with a strip of Spanish cedar on the inside of the tube. I have used this cigar tube EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Since I received it. Whether I’m just driving around to appointments, golfing, or hanging out at a barbecue with friends, it works exactly how it was designed.

Shot GlassesFinally, a less well-known product that GRAMM Works provides are CNC Machined shot glasses. Yes. Shot glasses. They’re aluminum. They’re solid. And they work as you would expect. Where would any self-respecting Cigar & Spirits enthusiast be without a set of shot glasses to go along with their new cigar ashtray and carrying tube?

You can learn more about GRAMM Works at www.grammworks.com and for a limited time they are offering 30% off your order with the code cigarandspirits30 at checkout.

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