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The Perfect Gift For Your Dad or Grad

The Perfect Gift For Your Dad or Grad

By Randy Mastronicola

Cigar & Spirits Midyear Luxury Accessories: Gift Baskets For Dads & Grads

It’s that time of year again. Isn’t it always “that time” of year again? Or so it seems.

Cigar lovers have two schools of thought when it comes to purchasing high quality accessories. “Buy well, buy once” works for many who maintain their accoutrements like lighters, cutters, and cigar cases with meticulous care for years.  For others who’ve become enamored by the wealth of quality, diversity, and sheer fun of it all,  “buy well, buy more” seems to be appropriate.

The following Luxury Gift Baskets have many gems in their baskets for most every cigar enthusiast out there. To all the Dads and Grads (and others) out there: You’re Welcome!

Gurkha Cigar Group
“The World’s Finest Cigars”

GetFileAttachment-1The Swag:
Large Gurkha Strap Backpack
Stainless Steel Gurkha Flask
Navy 3 Cigar Holder Case

The Cigars:
Royal Challenge Maduro Toro
Classic Havana Blend Toro
Heritage Toro 

“The Best Thing to Happen to Cigars Since Fire”

GetFileAttachment4The Links Gift Set:
Forte Iron Single Lighter
Xi1 Grip Cutter
Hole-in-One Ceramic Ashtray

National Collection:
Xi1 US Cutter
Xi1 US Forte Single Lighter

The General Gift Set:
18-24ct Ammo Box
Xi1 Green Beret Cutter
Cirro High Altitude Reconnaissance Single Lighter
Commando Knife

Renegade Luxury Display Gift Set:
Xi1 Defiant Cutter
Pulsar Rebel Triple Lighter

Daniel Marshall Luxury Gift Basket
“A Symbol of Quality Since 1982”

GetFileAttachmentEach Basket Contains:
DM 24kt Golden Cigar-The Ultimate Celebration Cigar
DM Desk Travel Humidor
DM Red Label Cigars-5 Sampler Pack
DM Ashtray
DM Custom Hand Painted T-Shirt
DM Red Label Corona Cigars-Cabinet of 20 box-aged 1 year
RHG DM Cigar Music CD

Smoking Accessories Since 1928
Colibri is inspired by a simple ideal—clean and sharp design within an extended product range that includes men’s jewelry, fine pens, handmade leather goods and genuine Italian leather belts.

Limited Edition Cigar Humidor
Designed in New York by Colibri and hand-crafted in California by Daniel Marshall. The Quasar is a triumph of collaboration by two world-renowned brands.

World’s first triple-jet flame lighter
Includes a double-guillotine cigar cutter

S-Cut Cigar Cutter
The primary stainless steel blade is spring-loaded and is purposefully designed to meet the secondary blade with almost no space between the two blades to produce a crisp shear off the cap of your cigar.

V-cut Cigar Cutter
The v-shaped cut is a classic preparation for a cigar and has come back into popularity as enthusiasts explore new flavor profiles and blends.

Classic double-flame cigar lighter
The Julius, named in honor of Colibri founder and intrepid inventor Julius Lowenthal, is built on his legacy of innovative design, impeccable craftsmanship and acute attention to detail.

Men’s multi-function chronograph
Black Case with Rose Gold Detail + Black Rubber Strap.
Polished and brushed stainless steel case. Water-resistant.
Accurate and reliable 3-hand Japanese chronograph movement features hour, minute, date and stopwatch functions.
Durable, textured rubber strap.

Deluxe Humidors & Cigar Accessories

GetFileAttachment-2Matera Deluxe Humidor:
High Quality Walnut Veneer Matte Finish. 100-150ct Spanish Cedar Lining Humidor.

Adorini Cigar Humidor Humidifier Deluxe
Gold-plated Front. Antibacterial Function. German Made Acrylic Polymer Crystals

Gold Slim Cutter
Golden coating, 3mm thick, cuts up 70 ring gauge.

Neptune Black/Rose Gold Ceramic Cutter
Ceramic Matte Black Coating. Surgical Steel Solingen Blades. Up to 52 plus ring gauge cutter.

Leather Brown Cigar Case
High Quality Brown Buckskin Leather. 2-3 Finger Case. Spanish Cedar Lining.

Adorini Keyring Hole Punch (New Release)
Solingen/Germany Blades. 2 Razor Sharp Blades for Large and Small Holes. Magentic Hold.
Calibratable (+/-9%rh.) Displays 3-Day Average in Celsius and Fahrenheit.


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