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Southern Draw Cigars Announces Partnership with Boveda

Southern Draw Cigars Announces Partnership with Boveda

SOUTHERN DRAW CIGARS – BOVEDA INC. Boveda Inc., the standard for premium tobacco storage and Southern Draw Cigars, purveyor of hand-crafted Nicaraguan cigars, announce Co-op and Advertising Agreement. Southern Draw Cigars will include Boveda’s patented 2-way humidity control in 100% of its packages, including boxes, bundles and samplers.
Southern Draw Cigars has selected the following Bovedas with 69% RH:

4 gram​​2×2”​​2 pack samplers

8 gram​​2.5×2.75”​4 and 5 pack samplers

10 gram​2.75×3.75”​20 count boxes and bundles

18 gram​3.5×5.25”​50 count boxes and 25 count bundles

Under the terms of the Co-op and Advertising Agreement, Southern Draw Cigars will place Bovedas in each package, will seal each package with the Boveda icon, and will place the “Packaged With” Boveda seal on all future print and digital advertisements and market Boveda on all Southern Draw Cigars websites and media outlets.  

“Southern Draw Cigars is excited to execute the Agreement with Boveda, Inc. and understands that as a boutique cigar manufacturer we have but a single opportunity to adopt best in industry science and technology to complement our hand-crafted cigars, all but guaranteeing the optimal delivery of our cigars regardless of the package type or destination” said Robert Holt – Founder of Southern Draw Cigars. “While many consumers are aware of the recommended humidity range for storing their precious cigars, fewer consumers understand the vital nature of 2-way humidity control in the event their cigars are subject to excess humidity and the experts at Boveda provide this in an affordable, optimized and no maintenance solution. This is a small decision that will likely have a large impact on the ability to deliver our #simplyperfectdraw GUARANTEED!”   

For more information about Southern Draw Cigars, blends, retail partners and general information please contact the Company at 2802 Flintrock Trace, #267, Austin, Texas 78738, call (512)371-467 or visit them at http://www.southerndrawcigars.com




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