Delicia Silva: Hey everyone thanks for tuning in to Cigar&Spirits TV. I’m Delicia and we’re hanging out with Lincoln in the office and we are just going over the latest issue of Cigar&Spirits magazine with Jeremy Piven, or Ari as you all know him from “Entourage” and we were discussing how many great cigars are rated in this issue.

Lincoln Salazar: This is one of our biggest issues of the year, it is our IPCPR issue and we’ve rated 102 cigars, and in this issue you’ll notice the ratings are a little higher, and the reason being is we really want the retailers know it is the buyer’s guide for the IPCPR. We really want the retailers to know what’s great out there what’s good and what they should be filling their humidors with for their customers

Delicia: That is a great point and I love that you guys did that this time because when you go to IPCPR there are so many different cigars out there and you kind of get overwhelmed sometimes so its a nice way to have a quick reference and know what to fill your humidors with for your customers. This year, we have an even better lounge than last year, its bigger. . .

Lincoln: It is huge. It is a 40 x 80 booth, and we’ve got 14 spirit companies. Rums, tequilas, a little bit of everything. We are very excited about it and it is absolutely free to any IPCPR members, an retailers, you can come by, have as many drinks as you’d like, responsibly of course. You’ll be able to sit and relax, and enjoy yourselves.

Delicia: And one thing to mention is the retailers can come in and sign up for a free subscription to Cigar&Spirits magazine for the entire year.

Lincoln: Free subscriptions and free drinks.

Delicia:  Another thing we’d like to bring up is our cigar of the month, the Rocky Patel Prohibition in the Mexican wrapper which has some incredible flavors. . . you get the nuances  from that Mexican wrapper, the traditional cocoa notes, a very nice earthiness to it, its aged to perfection and it goes well with a variety of spirits.

Lincoln: I love this cigar Delicia. I’ve had this in my personal humidor and I am telling you consumers to go out and buy it, retailers stock your humidors with it if you don’t already stock it because this is a beautifully done cigar by Rocky Patel, a great friend of ours, done an amazing job.

Delicia: Thanks for watching Cigar&Spirits TV, we’ll see you at IPCPR this month

Lincoln: Make sure to come by our booth and join us for a cocktail.