The cigar room was allegedly used when officers were supposed to be on duty.  

By Staff

Three lieutenants and about 12 sergeants with the Aurora Police Department in Aurora, CO are under investigation for allegedly creating a cigar room where they would allegedly hang out while on duty, according to ABC 7 News Denver. According to the report, the cigar room was created in an Aurora Police Department workspace in a police maintenance yard and that a surveillance camera was set up outside the facility to capture police hanging out when they were supposed to be patrolling the streets.

The investigation has been ongoing since June 2015 and the city’s police chief sent an email to the city council June 17 letting them know an investigation was ongoing involving the officers, two of which were hailed as heroes during the Aurora theater massacre that occurred in 2012. The letter only alluded to allegations of neglect of duty. One lietenant is being investigated for allegedly tipping off another officer that he was being investigated. That officer has since retired.