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Feature Interview

Oscar De La Hoya and Holly Sonders

by Lincoln Salazar & Randy Mastronicola portraits by Tas Limur Many of our readers know Oscar De La Hoya as “The Golden Boy” for being one of the greatest pound-for-pound fighters in boxing history.  He won Olympic Gold at the 1992 Summer Olympics, and was propelled to even greater heights as a professional boxing champion, a successful entrepreneur with Golden Boy Enterprises, and a philanthropist in the decades that followed. Holly Sonders started her career in the public eye as a professional golfer, and then became an analyst for the Golf Channel and Fox Sports Live.   A modeling career followed.  Holly uses her social media platforms to entertain her audience in a manner that’s sexy, edgy and fun-loving. As a couple, Oscar and Holly are as genuine as can be while living in the public eye.  We were happy to catch up with them in Los Angeles for a memorable photo shoot, and a breezy conversation that capped the day.  They are, indeed, The Golden Couple. The Interview Cigar & Spirits: Did you guys have a good time doing the photo shoot? Oscar De La Hoya: [...]

Scottie Pippen’s Full Court Press: Taking DIGITS Bourbon To The Top

by Randy Mastronicola If you’ve been a reader of Cigar & Spirits Magazine for any length of time, you’ve noticed we feature many celebrity spirits brand owners and ambassadors. Generally, there’s a split between those folks and others who grace our pages. Some happen to be real-deal cigar enthusiasts with or without a spirits product to promote, and others enjoy the publication for themselves and want in. Many of these high-profile celebrity brand owners have a serious passion for their liquid. NBA Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen certainly falls into that category. Scottie teamed up with spirits wunderkind Dave Phinney this year to launch DIGITS Bourbon. DIGITS is a Tennessee five-year aged bourbon blend that comes in with a 46% ABV. The brand was launched appropriately in Chicago, where Scottie has been known to have a bit of success as a six-time NBA champion with the Bulls. DIGITS is bottled by Savage & Cooke in Vallejo, Calif., on Mare Island, and blended by master distiller Jordan Via. We sat down with Scottie to talk about life after his illustrious career, his passion for bourbon, and his growth as an entrepreneur. You've had a [...]

Behind the Leaf: Michael Herklots is Jazzed Keeping the Beat From Nat Sherman To Ferio Tego

by Joe Bosso | Portraits by Miyuri Norris Like all adept jazz drummers, Michael Herklots knows how to anticipate changes and react; he’s highly skilled at improvisation, gifted with the ability of stepping into the unknown and surging forward without looking back. These talents go beyond mere time-keeping–drum machines can do that. No, Herklots is the kind of drummer who guides the ship and sets the tone; he’s the bedrock foundation for a dedicated musical course of action. But Herklots is more than a jazz drummer; he’s also one of the leading ambassadors in the cigar industry. He served as the general manager of two Davidoff locations in New York City, and would go on to become Vice President of Nat Sherman International, LLC, in Manhattan. Michael was responsible for overseeing the operations at the company’s famous Townhouse store for nearly a decade. After a difficult period last year, during which time Nat Sherman’s corporate owner, Altria, was unable to sell its premium cigar brands, Herklots seized the moment. He used both his business smarts and drummer’s instincts–he literally grabbed the phrase and turned it around, and along with another prime player, Brendon Scott, former Vice President [...]

Behind the Leaf: Alan Rubin of Alec Bradley Cigars Twenty-five Years In, and the Future is Now

By Randy Mastronicola Alec Bradley Cigars is celebrating twenty-five years in the cigar industry this year. This is no small feat in the competitive cigar industry as we know it today. I’ve come to know Alec Bradley Cigars, first as a brand fan, and now as industry colleagues, over the past eight years. Their beginnings were fairly humble, and they experienced a learning curve, with some trial and error. Two-and-a-half decades after they started, the company is globally respected, is thriving and is one of the top innovators in the industry. Today, their brand and blends are globally respected. Alan Rubin is the architect of the Alec Bradley brand. His vision as founder of the company is compelling, as our conversation shows. Randy Mastronicola: Twenty-five years in the cigar industry now. Congratulations. Not too shabby. How does that resonate for you? Alan Rubin: It surely doesn't feel like it's been twenty-five years. Sometimes I look back and I start thinking I feel like I've been in the business three or four years. It's still exciting. I'm still very passionate about it. I think there's more wisdom in my decisions after twenty-five years, [...]

One Century at a Time: The Legacy of Old World Tobacconists

By Audrey Pavia Sustainable. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, it means “able to continue over a period of time.” For some old world tobacco shops in the United States, you can modify that description to “...over a very long period of time.” Tobacco shops are part of our history, connecting old and new America. Many landmark establishments have closed over the decades, leaving just a handful of historic shops left around the country. The following businesses are survivors and thrivers. They are a testament not only to their uniqueness, but also to their ability to look the future in the eye and say “Bring it on.” Federal Cigar Portsmouth, N.H. Federal Cigar began in 1904 with a flagship store called United Tobacco, located in downtown Portsmouth. Several other locations in the surrounding areas soon opened but they were short-lived. A tobacconist by the name of Goodman purchased the original, remaining store in 1921, and changed the name to Federal Cigar. The shop is currently located in a building constructed in the 1700s, and provides an old world atmosphere, with low, wood-beamed ceilings; stone walls and brick columns. The adjacent cigar bar provides [...]

Behind the Leaf: Michael Giannini of The Ventura Cigar Company

By Joe Bosso Michael Giannini wasn’t looking to get back into the cigar business when he joined the Ventura Cigar Company in 2017. The longtime East Coaster had just left the General Cigar Company after a 16-year run, moved out to California, and was looking forward to segueing into a career in the fashion and jewelry industry. Realizing that trends in the cigar business—like most industries—can fluctuate year to year, what’s your long-term vision for the company? Long-term, it’s to grow the division. After I came in as a personality and creative director, I was actually made the GM of the whole organization, so I get to run the business, which is kind of cool. I get to go to the factories. I get to create the packaging with my team, and then I gear up my sales people to go out there and sell the product. So I’ve got complete control from creative to execution in the field. My vision is to grow the company, but it’s something more than that: I get to be a disrupter. But I can only do that because we’re not in a box. There’s some [...]

Behind the Leaf: An Interview with Liana Fuente of Arturo Fuente & Company

By Randy Mastronicola The late Carlos Fuente Sr. was a pioneer in the cigar industry, and his backstory is compelling. He had humble beginnings and some challenges as a young man that might have taken a lesser person down. Ultimately, he built an enduring international cigar company powerhouse. The patriarch of the Fuente family passed away in August of 2016 at the age of eighty-one. Randy Mastronicola, Editor-in-Chief of Cigar & Spirits Magazine, recently met with Liana Fuente to reminisce about her grandfather and talk about what’s on the horizon as the company continues to maintain its standing in the cigar industry. Liana has become a high-profile presence in the cigar world herself. She’s a fourth generation Fuente to work in the family business, and serves as the company’s Creative Marketing Director. (Editor’s Note: Fuente’s third generation is well represented, too. Carlos P. Fuente Jr. is the President of the company and Cynthia Fuente-Suarez is Vice President.) Can you share some thoughts about the impact your grandfather had on you? It’s funny because as a child growing up, he was just abuelo, a very kind, patient soft spoken, hard-working man. He never [...]

Cigar & Spirits Magazine Q&A Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey: The Greatest Whiskey Maker The World Never Knew

By Randy Mastronicola Nathan “Nearest” Green (aka Uncle Nearest) is regarded as the first African-American master distiller on record in the United States. A formerly enslaved African-American, he’s been credited with teaching Jack Daniel distilling techniques that helped form the brand in the 1800s. Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey was created to honor his legacy. The award-winning Uncle Nearest has made a splash in the market in just over a year—garnering 13 medals in 13 months. Uncle Nearest captured a Double Gold Medal at the China Wine and Spirits Awards, a Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, New York World Wine and Spirits Competition, and two Gold Medals at the Los Angeles International Spirits Competition. Cigar & Spirits Magazine also named it one of the Top 5 Whiskies in its most recent World Spirits Competition. We caught up with Fawn Weaver recently. She’s the co-founder of Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey, serving as CEO and chief historian. What makes a great premium whiskey? It’s different for everyone, but for us, a large part of it is time and cost. The amount of time the whiskey has spent in the barrel and [...]

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