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Arnold’s Rules for Smoking a Cigar

Arnold’s Rules for Smoking a Cigar

After congratulating The Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon for his cameo in Jurassic World, Arnold Schwarzenegger blasted Jimmy Fallon for not listening to his advice on what to do when smoking a cigar for the first time. Arnold told Jimmy his advice for smoking a cigar at an event and Jimmy completely disregarded the advice.

Arnold’s Rules for Smoking a Cigar

  1. Try to be cool
  2. Put the cigar in your mouth
  3. Light the cigar
  4. Turn it slowly as you take a few puffs
  5. Check things out around you (So people think you know what you are doing)

Arnold gave Jimmy a big beautiful cigar, a Cuban Cigar that he said cost $100 a stick. And what does Jimmy do? He starts licking the cigar and Arnold asks him, “What is going on here why are you licking the cigar?” Jimmy then tells Arnold that he heard that licking the cigar would make the cigar moist, creating a slower burn. Check the video. Classic Fallon. Classic Arnold. It is very funny.

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