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Camus Borderies XO

Camus Borderies XO

[dropcap size=big]A[/dropcap] vintner or two have told me that every bottle of wine tells a story. The essence of the wine’s journey is comprised of: who made it? what unique characteristics have been cultivated over time? When did it succeed and enter the public consciousness? where did it mature? And why we should be intrigued by its taste and backstory? Well, cognac is all that and some blends offer spirited and epic tales. The borderies xo and the ile de ré fine island cognac by camus are in rarified air when it comes to exclusive cognac.

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The Borderies Range is developed in a rare Cognac growing area. The blend is from the private family reserves of Borderies. Cognac from this small region is highly desirable and offer an elegant alternative to single-malt scotch. Their distinctive maturing qualities result in an intense, floral bouquet.

The XO is drawn entirely from the Borderies. It has been noted that consumer tastes have swung to spirits that are smooth, provide signature aromas, and are light in oak. CAMUS has met that criteria with a flourish.

The XO is a single-growth Extra Old (having been aged in oak for over six years) and has notable characteristics found only in the private family reserves of Borderies. It is most often serve neat but an ice cube or two provides a velvety chill when the weather calls for it.

The Borderies XO Cognac experience will appeal to the most seasoned of Cognac connoisseurs.

The CAMUS family, dating back to 1863, has created some of the most passionately crafted Cognac from the region. The House of CAMUS discovered the exceptional local soil, maintained the integrity of the vines, and developed a fruity aromatic fine cognac.

The range of single growth cognac, made from faux-de-vie-distilled and aged on the island, is revelatory with aroma and flavor.
The naturally iodine-rich maritime influence of the region adds another element of mystique to the island Cognac. The lively and smooth notes combining orange peel, dried grapes, vanilla, and rancio are a brilliant accompaniment to seafood dining.

Borderies XO SRP: $170
Ile de Ré Fine Island Cognac SRP $50

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