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An Evening With Carl Nolet Jr.

An Evening With Carl Nolet Jr.


Celebrating 325 Years of Tradition


With every sip of the globally successful spirits reigning from the Family Nolet, one consumes more than just an artisanal vodka or gin. Each droplet breathes a historical account of dreams, perseverance and impassioned legacy that captivates the palate of both flavor and intellect.

_img8059The ancestral footprint that begot this eleven generation, 325-year odyssey, was celebrated in spirited fashion October 13th at the Nolet Spirits USA headquarters.  Commemorating over three centuries of the Nolet Distillery and its unparalleled accomplishments, Cigar & Spirits Magazine unveiled its much-anticipated cover featuring Carl Nolet, Jr., a first for Mr. Nolet and only the second time the magazine has acknowledged industry royalty as its cover story.

_img8081This momentous celebration kicked off with cuisine, cocktails, and soulful jazz sounds from the music quartet featuring critically acclaimed artist, Andrea Balestra.

The award-winning, culinary team from 24 Carrots presented an uber-creative Risotto Bar. The bar donned martini glasses filled with a herb or parmesan based risotto, accompanied by your choice of lamb or beef, and a selection of toppings featuring micro-greens, roasted garlic, pancetta, green beans, peas, fire roasted tomatoes, shitake mushrooms, and freshly shredded parmesan cheese.


_img8084With a menu designed to impress, the culinary experience continued with a display of flatbread garnished with artisanal cheese, kalamata olives, red bell peppers, and micro-greens, or pesto, artichoke hearts, and fire roasted tomatoes.


True to form, the “Nolet Collection” offered an impressive flow of six spirited expressions featuring NOLET’S Gin and Ketel One Vodka.

_img8090In between savoring one of their signature Dutch Mule’s, the “Gin Bar” was spot on for comparing the profile of NOLET’S Silver to gins of another name.  Not surprising, there was nothing parallel about this comparison as NOLET’S Silver was commanding on all accounts: nose, flavor, mouth-feel and finish.

_img8154Midway through the evening, Lincoln Salazar, CEO and Publisher of Cigar & Spirits Magazine, presented a formal introduction of Carl Nolet, Jr.  Quick to acknowledge his contribution to the spirit industry and the Nolet family’s unprecedented legacy, Salazar honorably announced Mr. Nolet, along with the esteemed company of Rocky Patel, as the only highly-acclaimed, industry influencers chosen to grace the cover since the magazine’s inception.

_img8172Carl Nolet, Jr. took to the mic and spoke of his ancestors’ entrepreneurial spirit, a spirit that allowed the family business to “survive and thrive.” That same spirit, alive in his father with his innovative and unique blends in the creation of Ketel One, was further instilled in him and his brother Bob as evidenced by their exceptional standards, establishing Nolet Spirits as one of the leading performers in the spirit industry worldwide.
_img8121The night topped off with an extraordinary tasting of Carolus Nolet, Sr.’s personal creation, NOLET’S Reserve Gin. This handcrafted gin boasts botanicals of saffron and verbena and yields a mere 450 bottles per year.

And did I mention the hand rolled cigars? After all, it wouldn’t be a signature event by Cigar & Spirits Magazine without the hand rolled cigar lounge…outside, under the stars!

Cheers to the Nolet Family Dynasty!

We raise our glass in honor of dreams and the journey of a single idea thoughtfully cultivated into a 325-year celebration. May your legacy continue in excellence and honored in grand fashion for generations to come.


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