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Nat Sherman Puts the “Nat” in National Espresso Day

Nat Sherman Puts the “Nat” in National Espresso Day

By: Randy Mastronicola

Coffee is a passion shared by many and National Espresso Day on November 23rd is likely to inspire many of us to seek out a good java jolt.

Nat Sherman’s Michael Herklots, Vice President of Retail and Brand Development, offers us a couple of pairing suggestions that will add a little spirit to your espresso experience.

unknown“Inevitably, cigars last longer than espresso. Personally, I like sparking water on the side. I’ll generally light the cigar first while waiting for the espresso. Then, I enjoy the espresso with the cigar and continue with the cigar once the espresso finishes, accompanied by the sparkling water. The latest espresso is Espresso Corretto, which is espresso served with liquor inside. Anise flavored liqueurs are typical. Rye or Bourbon is great as well, as are grappa and some rums. As for a cigar to pair, whatever you’re in the mood for.”

Much like cigars, coffee is a language unto itself, and most of us would agree there is no shortage of dialects.

Herklots continues, “Regarding espresso, I like mine ristretto (short) and without sugar. I recommend a Nat Sherman Timeless No. 5. It’s a small format with great flavor that remains cool but it’s the perfect accompaniment.”

unknown-1If you’re in the mood to indulge your sweet tooth, here’s another recommendation from Herklots, “Cortadito, is a short and sweet Cuban Espresso, which pairs nicely with The Nat Sherman Panamericana Secreto. The notes of earth and leather offer a nice contrast to the sweet espresso. Or you can go Affogato style. Hot coffee, cold ice cream, and a Nat Sherman Timeless Nicaraguan make for a wonderful dessert.

This all sounds like good advice to us. Feel free to get a jump on your Thanksgiving festivities by indulging with an espresso and a fine stick on National Espresso Day.



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