Alpha Cigar Co. was established in 2014 by friends Justin Hansen and TJ Cavenagh as a way to combine premium cigars with a French Absinthe produced by Hansen’s family.  While one of Alpha’s lines is infused with the absinthe, the process involves misting one leaf in order to add the right amount of flavor without dominating the tobacco. Abe Flores is the blender for the brand.

All of Alpha’s cigars have Dominican binders with Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers, but have three different wrappers that are matched with one of three absinthes. A mild to medium bodied Connecticut wrapped offering is infused with a traditional Blanche absinthe. The medium to full bodied Claro wrapped cigars are infused with a Chocolate absinthe liqueur to bring out the darker flavors. Finally, a full bodied San Andres wrapped cigar is infused with a traditional French Verte absinthe to play off of the boldness of the tobacco.
Alpha also carries the same cigars in a non-infused line called “The Defuser”. There are currently five vitolas; a 3.5×46 Half Corona, a 5×50 Robusto, a 6.5×50 Box Pressed Belicoso and a 5.5×60 Gordo. The Connecticut wrapped infused cigar is also currently available as a 5×46 corona.