The Lowdown: Frank Sinatra's Nice ‘n’ Easy 60th Anniversary Reissue

By Randy Mastronicola Give a listen to Enterprises reissued 60th anniversary of Frank Sinatra’s 1960 album, Nice ‘n’ Easy from a couple of years ago. The vinyl version of the reissue is a faithful production of the original Capitol Records “Full Dimensional Stereo” sleeve and features the album’s original 12 songs. These tracks will put you in that Nice ‘n’ Easy mood along with a smoke and a sip. 01.Nice ‘N’ Easy 02. That Old Feeling 03. How Deep Is The Ocean 04. I’ve Got A Crush On You 05. You Go To My Head 06. Fools Rush In 07. Nevertheless (I’m In Love With You) 08. She’s Funny That Way 09. Try A Little Tenderness 10. Embraceable You 11. Mam’selle 12. Dream 13. The Nearness Of You (2020 Mix) (Bonus Track) 14. I’ve Got A Crush On You (Bonus Track) 15. Nice ‘N’ Easy (Bonus Track) Want more? Subscribe to Cigar & Spirits Magazine! Subscribe Check out the rest of our lifestyle pieces!

The Lowdown: Macallan Fine and Rare 60-Year-Old

By Randy Mastronicola The final stratospheric scotch on the list broke world records for the most money ever spent on a single bottle at 1.9 million. It came from a legendary cask known only as “263” that’s prized by collectors worldwide. This cask has produced several spirits that have each sold for over a million dollars. These masters only made forty bottles of this 60-year-old scotch.–Dave Johnson Subscribe Check out the rest of our lifestyle pieces!

The Lowdown: Ring of Fire

By Dave Johnson Ring of Fire Most everyone loves a toasty fire. With the return of winter, let’s take a look at a few options for one of our favorite spots to warm up: the fire pit. It’s that perfect place to bask in a crackling fire when reading a book outside, gather around while at a party, or break out the hot dogs and s’mores for a backyard family campfire. This Breeo fire pit has a traditional look with some modern amenities under the hood. It features X Airflow technology that allows air to circulate for a better flame, and even eliminates most of the smoke. It’s made of Stainless Steel and Cor-Ten steel which will develop a rich, rust-red patina over time, and it has a wide 24-inch opening for wood-burning. It features an outer sear plate for cooking and can accommodate an optional grill grate attachment if you want to turn this fire pit into a mean barbeque pit. MSRP: $299 If you want to commit to the fire pit idea as a permanent backyard fixture, go with this beauty. This block of [...]

The Lowdown: Shear Delight

By Dave Johnson Shear Delight Ever since humans realized animal skins could be used for warmth, leather and fur have been clothing staples. And the humble sheep has given us one of the best applications of animal hides: shearling coats. The shearling coat features sheep’s wool on the inside lining with additional accents throughout the coat. Shearling is a very comfortable textile that can be a great addition to your wardrobe especially if you’re seeking warmth and admiring looks. It definitely throws off a cool and masculine vibe for fall and winter. Here are a few outerwear options to get you started. Whenever shearling is mentioned, one classic design is the denim trucker-style jacket. Few brands do this jacket as well as Freenote Cloth with their RJ2 Denim White Shearling Jacket ($900). The company makes meticulously crafted, heavy-duty clothing that’s superior and stylish. This jacket is ruggedly made with a 20 oz heavyweight denim from Japan, heavy-duty hardware and then lined in shearling. The RJ2 looks great with a turtleneck, and other pieces if you’re going for a layered look. It’s a stunning denim jacket. The [...]

Speakeasys USA: A Modern Nod to Prohibition Era Watering Holes

By Audrey Pavia Prohibition was not a fun time. Getting together with your cronies and sharing some spirits could land you in jail. Those who were willing to take the chance found their way into dark, hidden speakeasies situated specifically to avoid detection by The Law. Prohibition only lasted from 1920 to 1933, but the excitement of sneaking a drink with friends in a clandestine hideaway has remained. Today, 100 years after Prohibition temporarily became the law of the land, modern speakeasies have become even more popular than the originals. Every major city in the U.S. has its share of speakeasies. Here’s a look at eight that have caught the attention of spirit lovers from coast to coast. Red Phone Booth Atlanta, GA If you want to know what speakeasies were like in their heyday, the Red Phone Booth is the spot for you. Located in downtown Atlanta, the Red Phone Booth strives to provide a Prohibition experience, including a cigar program and a turn-of-the-century cocktail selection. Featuring a collection of rare bourbon, whiskey and scotch selections, and more than a dozen tinctures, bitters and flavoring agents, the Red Phone [...]

Unique Travels That Will Set You Free: These excursions are more than just luxe—they’re tailor-made for ultra-private and adventurous types.

By Elisa Jordan  Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name—other times you crave privacy and an escape from crowds. The following vacations have options for private activities and experiences for those times when exclusivity is what’s needed. Whether you just want time alone or a one-of-a-kind opportunity, these vacation experiences offer everything you need. Coral Planting Maldives Opened in 2019, the Waldorf Astoria Maldives Ithaafushi has emerged as a world-class resort surrounded by white sands and crystal blue water. Guests can indulge in water activities, a spa and wellness sanctuary and dining venues, including a treetop restaurant. Also available is a one-on-one experience with the property’s resident marine biologist, Emma Bell. Guests can help Bell in her daily tasks in preserving the ocean, such as adopting a coral frame or removing a crown of thorns (a sea star that eats the coral) from the reef. They can also partake in guided snorkeling trips and presentations about marine life in the Maldives. Coral framing experience: $175 USD per frame Mountaintop Wine Tasting Napa Valley TOR Wines owner Tor Kenwood [...]

Tricked Out Halloween Get-ups For Cigar Guys: and how to…Treat Your Inner Cigar Icon With Flair

By Elisa Jordan Invited to a Halloween party and want to incorporate your favorite hobby? We have you covered. Here are some costumes that will reveal your hidden persona and require cigars as a finishing touch. Wolverine Wearing a Wolverine costume will bring out the bad-ass in you. The beloved Marvel Comics X-Men comic book character was brought to life by Hugh Jackman in movie adaptions. As many fans have noted, the comic book and movie versions of Wolverine look distinctively different. When following the lead of Jackman’s Wolverine, retractable claws, muttonchops, brown leather jacket, white tank top, boots and cigar are the main style signatures. This costume is so popular that items relating to Wolverine costumes can be easily purchased online. James Bond Although any version of James Bond looks debonair, it’s the Roger Moore movies that are most closely associated with cigars Of all the actors to portray legendary British spy James Bond, it’s the Roger Moore movies that are most closely associated with cigar smoking. Cigars were a hobby of Moore’s offscreen and he incorporated that love into [...]

The High Roller Life: Jetsetter Gambling Destinations Across the Globe

By Kim Campbell Thorton Made it big in tech? Just won the lottery? Come from old money? If you’re looking for a way to blow some bucks on a grand scale, casinos around the world are anxious to help. And they have a special welcome for high rollers—“whales” in gambling parlance—the people who lay down five- and six-figure bets at a time without batting an eye and collect handsome rewards from casinos in the process. While Las Vegas might be the first place that comes to mind when you think “high roller,” plenty of places around the world are equally if not more attractive to high-end gamblers with a penchant for luxury and a lust for international destinations. Exotic settings, islands in the sun, aristocratic haunts: All have one thing in common—the lure of the tables. Here are six luxe locales that draw stars—think Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Lady Gaga, Bruce Willis—spies (fictional and otherwise), socialites and highflyers. Macau This island gaming capital on the west side of China’s Pearl River Delta has gambling revenues seven times greater than Las Vegas and is nicknamed the gambling capital of the world. By [...]

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