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Best Winter Fragrances For Men

Best Winter Fragrances For Men

By Jason Arshan Nik

Tobacco and spirit notes have long been significant notes in fragrances, but while those notes find themselves in many fragrances they rarely are used in a way that captures the boldness of premium cigars and spirits. With the holiday season fast approaching, here are the fragrances that the connoisseurs would love to have on their wishlist. While classics like Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille and Thierry Mugler’s Pure Malt belong in every cigar and spirit lover’s wardrobe, these five fragrances are the best tobacco and spirit based scents from the last 5 years.

Courage by Robert Graham

courageDesigned by style icon Robert Graham, Courage is part of the Blended Essences collection and smells like an ultra-premium vodka blended with light citrusy bergamot and a hint of smoky guaiac wood. Courage is for spirit connoisseurs and everyday fragrance lovers. The scent finds a smooth balance between lively and coy, making it perfectly suitable for the office and a day out on the town. While both the 100ml and 250ml of Robert Graham’s Courage are encased in the most stunning bottles ever designed, I recommend the 250ml decanter with the Pilote de Course bust on the cap.

$295 at Bloomingdale’s



Replica – Jazz Club by Maison Martin Margiela

jazz-clubWhat makes all the scents in Maison Martin Margiela’s Replica fragrance line so intriguing is that they are designed to capture a specific experience. Jazz Club does just that. Tobacco and rum are powerful notes in this fragrance, but you won’t smell like cigars and rum. Instead you will smell like you’ve walked into a historic jazz club where the smoke has long settled into its walls while patrons enjoy a glass of aged rum. This relaxing fragrance is best for those casual times when you’re not at a club, but want to enjoy its lingering scent.

$125 at Nordstrom



Sweet Tobacco Spirits by 18.21 Man Made

sweet-tobacco-spiritsAn instant classic, 18.21 Man Made has designed an impeccable balance between hefty booziness and a full-bodied cigar. Opening with wine, ripe plum, and top of the line manuka honey, you’ll be drawn in from the very first sniff. As it dries down, the woodiness comes out with a depth-defying, rich vanilla. Wearing Sweet Tobacco Spirits is a discovery of scent — tasting a luxurious distilled spirit while smoking a prime choice cigar. Sweet Tobacco Spirits is a powerhouse fragrance that works best in the colder months, but if sprayed lightly can be worn on any occasion.

$80 on Amazon



A*Men Pure Havane by Thierry Mugler

pure-havanePart of Thierry Mugler’s Pure line of fragrances, this is a medium body scent with a full sweet flavor. Opening with a blast of honeyed tobacco, Pure Havane is a transformative experience best suited for the casual wearer. As time passes, the tobacco takes a back seat to patchouli, vanilla, and amber before settling down with a powdery cacao, creating a delectable french vanilla and chocolate accord.

$90 on MuglerUSA.com



Fortitude by Robert Graham

fortitudeWith Fortitude, Robert Graham once again has a winner. This is a full-bodied premium tobacco with lush, creamy tonka and an earthy patchouli note. Fortitude will strike a chord with every cigar lover and works best for special occasions. Like all Robert Graham’s Blended Essences, this scent is available in magnificently designed 100ml and 250ml bottles. Here the 250ml decanter has a horned ram’s head perched on top with green Swarovski crystal eyes.

$295 at Bloomingdale’s


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