Hooked on Sage Lodge

Paradise in Yellowstone’s Valley

Nestled in the striking hills of Paradise Valley, Montana, lies the angler inspired Sage Lodge Luxury Resort. The magnificence of Paradise Valley is fully realized in this multi-faceted hospitality experience–where fly fishing is far from the only activity. Pick your poison: horseback riding, hiking, biking, hunting, rock climbing and cross-country skiing are available for guests of varying skill and interest levels. That’s not to mention the luxury lodging, full-service spa, and two restaurants–The Fireside Room and The Grill.

For an adventure-based hotel, there’s a wonderful combination of wellness and indulgence. Those wishing to get into the park early can return to the serenity of the soaking tubs before an afternoon massage. Or perhaps a morning of cross-country skiing would conclude with a single malt scotch on the patio, overlooking Emigrant Peak.

Fly-fishing is at the heart of the Sage Lodge. The hotel is positioned near a variety of water types: still water for casting ponds, great rivers for floating and spring creeks for technical fishing. The Sage Lodge angler experience is suited to all genders and ages who want to try the sport on their own terms. It combats the unapproachability that traditionally accompanies fly-fishing. Anglers of all classes and levels of experience are encouraged to experiment with the sport. Those who’ve never tried their hand at fly-fishing can enjoy an introduction and sampling of it outside of the confines of a traditional lodge.

Sage Lodge is positioned on the north end of Yellowstone National Park, claiming the only entrance to remain open to vehicular traffic during all 12 months of the year. In the cold winter months of January and February, guests are privy to fascinating sightings of rare wildlife, notably Yellowstone’s wolves. Animals move seasonally through the property, which lands at an impressive 1,250 acres. There’s no shortage of land to enjoy–the Lodge holds 300 acres on the Yellowstone River, and a mile and a half of Yellowstone riverfront, named The Preserve, where lodgers can expect frequent sightings of moose.

The landscape where Sage Lodge sits is dramatic. Whether it’s the sun peeking through the clouds or lights shimmering on the river, the stunning experience Sage Lodge offers is undeniable.

But don’t just take our word for it. Book your stay at the luxurious Sage Lodge and find out for yourself.

-Mary Jane Clark