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Apple Announces iPhone 7 and iPhone 7Plus

Apple Announces iPhone 7 and iPhone 7Plus

Today, Apple has announced the new iPhone 7 and iPhone7 Plus. Pre-orders for the new models begin this Friday, September 9, 2016, and be will available for purchase at retail, on September 16, 2016.

Apple states that the new phones are 40% faster than the older models, and the camera has been upgraded to 12 Mega-pixels, and on the iPhone 7Plus, there are two 12 Mega-pixel cameras built in. The new wireless Lightning EarPods have been included to compensate for the removal of the standard 3.5mm headphone jack. An adapter has been included in order to use regular 1/8″ jack earphones. I can’t wait to pick one of these up, and streamline my communications even further than what was capable with the previous models. Being a big music fan, I’m also very happy that they have upgraded the built-in speaker. This is the thinnest design in the history of the iPhone product line. The new devices are water and dust resistant; however, I wouldn’t recommend swimming with it in your pocket, or anything to that effect as they are marketed as being “splash-resistant.” With the iPhone 7 you can enjoy improved battery life and performance as there is an extra two hours of battery life compared to the previous iPhone 6s; meanwhile, the iPhone 7 Plus has one additional hour of usage time. Lastly, the storage options come in 32, 128, or 256 GB. Plenty of storage for all of your selfies, dog and cat pics, memes, music files, videos, and apps.

What I have always loved about the Apple iPhones, are their fast processors, the stability and reliability of the Maps system when I need driving directions (compared to Google Maps and my other Android phone), the lush, crystal clear imaging and graphics, for when I take pictures and videos of my family, and the wide variety of apps that I can use compared to the Android OS. Apple has always been a brand known for innovation, and exploring the capabilities of human imagination within their technology.

I pose a serious question here: Do you remember the state of your business and personal life before having a smart phone? Or even a cell phone in general? We’d love to know your thoughts regarding this new model, and how you survived before our current technology made things easier for you. I have a feeling that sales will go through the roof for the first three days after release. Perhaps I should go ahead and prepare my tent, so I may be first in line at my local store.

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