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Cardamon – The Wallet, Reimagined

Cardamon – The Wallet, Reimagined

[dropcap size=big]D[/dropcap]o you have a wallet in your pocket? Of course you do, nearly every man in America carries some kind of wallet or money clip on them as part of their everyday carry essentials. I’ve had a series of major love/hate relationships with wallets and money clips of all shapes and sizes. Over the last 15 years I have experimented with different products, and after this last year I finally thought I had a grip on my ideal solution: A money clip for formal occasions and a wallet for everyday use, but it still wasn’t quite right.

Then, in November I was contacted by the folks over at Cardamon asking if I’d be interested in reviewing their first product, the Cardamon Wallet. Initially I rolled my eyes and thought, “Here we go, back down the rabbit hole.” When it arrived at my desk a short week later, I changed my tune. The Cardamon Wallet was lightweight, modern looking, ultra-sleek, and most importantly, it claimed to hold everything I carried on a regular basis. Pulling my leather wallet from my jeans pocket (I’m a front-pocket carry kind of guy, I blame George Castanza and that episode of Seinfeld where he developed back pain from his enormous wallet-but I digress) I unloaded everything and began placing items into the Cardamon Wallet.

The Cardamon Wallet claims to have capacity for “8 cards + ample room for cash.” Empty, the Cardamon Wallet is 3.03” x 3.78” (HxW), only .14” thick and weighing only .7 oz.

Here’s a list of everything that I carry in my wallet daily:
• Driver’s License
• Health Insurance Cards (3)
• Costco Card
• Bank/Credit Cards (4)
• Cash

Per Cardamon, I’m over by 1 card, but the insurance cards are thin so I had no issues placing everything into the Cardamon Wallet. Once I had all my cash (about $47 in mixed bills) and cards in the Cardamon Wallet I placed it next to my (now empty) leather wallet and was stunned. Even full, the Cardamon Wallet was still thinner than my empty leather wallet. In my pocket, I hardly noticed that it was in my pocket, and on more than one occasion I had a temporary moment of panic where I patted myself down to ensure I hadn’t left it behind somewhere. Color me impressed.

The ability for the Cardamon Wallet to be so thin, lightweight, and stylish comes down to its construction from MeridianShell®, “a proprietary new material developed to deliver unrivaled durability, performance, and beauty over a lifetime of use.” The Cardamon Wallet is cut from a single sheet of the proprietary material, and because of this, allows Cardamon to produce the wallet with zero waste.

The Cardamon Wallet is available in five rich colors and two sizes. It also carries a lifetime guarantee, so if you ever wear it out or destroy it, Cardamon will send you a replacement. Get yours by going to www.bycardamon.com you can follow them on social media @bycardamon

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