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Gear Guide: The Everyday Messenger Bag by Peak Design

Gear Guide: The Everyday Messenger Bag by Peak Design

by Benjamin Winokur

Over the past year I’ve easily gone through a half-dozen different bags to find something suitable for my everyday use. I’ve tried laptop backpacks, traditional briefcases, minimalist messenger bags, camera bags, and everything in between. Let’s just say I was cautiously optimistic when Peak Design sent me their Everyday Messenger bag for review.
The Everyday Messenger by Peak Design is just what it sounds like. A
messenger bag that can be used everyday. It has a large interior compartment, a hidden zippered compartment, and a front accessory pouch. Most notable though, is the “Look Ma, no hands!” (okay, one handed) patent-pending MagLatch™ closure. Through an ingenious use of elastic, magnets, and a claw like clipping mechanism, the bag can be easily opened Everyday Messenger Bagand closed with one hand, without even looking, no matter how full you pack it–thanks to the laddered design of the latches themselves. It should be noted that the bag is also water resistant and features sealed zippers.
My daily gear–at minimum–includes a 12” Retina MacBook, external SSD, iPad Air, Pentax K-50 with 2 lenses, extra batteries, memory cards, charging cables, headphones, at least one notebook with pen, cigar cutter, lighter, and the occasional tri-pod…Plus my ever present coffee tumbler, travel humidor, and protein bars.
The Everyday Messenger has something that every other bag I have tried is lacking, true adaptability; thanks to the included origami-inspired geometric dividers which can
be bent, folded and shaped to your gear, The Everyday Messenger is able to accommodate almost any variety of everyday essentials. My notepads, MacBook, and iPad all fit nicely in the rear access pocket, my K-50 and glass tucked safely away in the main compartment. Those aforementioned dividers- I can actually fold them over, effectively creating a second row of which to place additional items. In the front pocket, I can easily store my SSD drive, extra batteries, memory cards, and power adapter.
When it comes down to brass tacks, The Everyday Messenger is an exceptional bag that delivers on it’s promise: To be a bag that you can use everyday, regardless of what you want to use it for. With a price tag of $249, it’s a no brainer. This is a bag that will last years thanks to the robust warranty and high-quality construction. Get yours at www.peakdesign.com

Capture Pro by Peak Design 

An extra little gadget that Peak Design sent me along with the Everyday Messenger bag was their Capture Pro, a camera clip that allows you to rigidly carry any camera on a backpack
Capture Pro Clipstrap, belt, or Everyday Messenger bag. I honestly wasn’t sure how often I would use it, as the majority of my camera use is for planned shoots, but I figured “What the hell”, strapped it on to my Everyday Messenger bag, and I saw the light. I found myself rarely putting my camera away inside the bag (except for travel), and I’ve probably doubled or tripled the number of images I take now on any given day. The Capture Pro is made out of Aluminum, and is extremely sturdy. Never once have I feared for the safety of my camera, and I’m able to access my camera with the push of a button. Kudos to Peak Design on the creation of
this little gem, I’ll be enjoying mine for years to come. Retails for $79.95 at

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