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In Memoriam: Arnold Palmer

In Memoriam: Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer ‘The King’ Passes Away

At the age of 87, Arnold Palmer passed away early this week due to heart complications. He was admitted to the Pittsburg hospital Thursday for some cardiovascular work and weakened over the final few days.

Arnold inspired many through the great game of golf. His swing was that of a poetic, calculated attack down the fairway. His competitive spirit spoke volumes through the numerous events that he had won on both the PGA Tour and the Champions Tour dating back to 1995. “Putting is like wisdom- partly a natural gift and partly the accumulation of experience,” said Palmer. Through his wisdom, came his success. He brought golf into the forefront of the nation’s consciousness.

Golf is the game that centers the very thought and consciousness of your physical and mental synchronicity. Palmer understood this to a tee. He brought the game to life and redefined the meaning of it to all. He took the idea of golf being an elite high-class game to the game of the everyday man. Arnold went from being the son of a greens keeper from the mountains of Pennsylvania, to the King of golf. Palmer also had a drink named after him, as he was always taking a drink of ice tea and lemonade out on the course.

Palmer’s charismatic influence extended beyond the golf course.  His longtime friend and rival, Jack Nicklaus, was heartbroken by the loss of Arnold. “That’s what Arnold has always tried to do. He has always been a fighter, and he never gave up on anything. He didn’t give up even now. Maybe his body did, but I know Arnold’s will and spirit did not,” –Jack Nicklaus. Arnold went down just as he rose, swinging.


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