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Men’s Spa’s You Can’t Refuse

Men’s Spa’s You Can’t Refuse

The Rise of Men's Grooming Culture

The Rise of Men's Grooming Culture

By Elisa Jordan

With increased awareness about health, wellness and fitness that has permeated our culture in recent decades comes an overall need for high-quality men’s grooming care. Services and products once thought of as exclusively geared toward women are now finding a market with men. So much so, that a number of product manufacturers and grooming facilities have started catering primarily to men. Although many, if not most, spas and salons accept both women and men, a new breed of barbershops, salons, spas and lounges are focusing on needs unique to guys. Treatments tailored specifically to men’s skin, hair removal, facial hair care, hand and foot maintenance, massages, haircuts and coloring—all have become popular enough to warrant a new business model. Not only that, but a lot of men have come to expect the highest quality in luxury during their appointments. A number of businesses are happy to oblige and have taken extra steps to create settings appealing to men, such as leather chairs, large televisions, complimentary drinks and pool tables. Some of these establishments call themselves lounges or clubs to reflect the unique atmosphere. Many even have memberships to ensure men have frequent access to popular services. Here is a look at some high-end grooming establishments catering to men.

The Barber & Spa at Alfred Dunhill

London, United Kingdom

The Barber at Bourdon House is part of the Alfred Dunhill family of luxury men’s products and services. It’s located in the historic Bourdon House, an 18th century Georgian-style house with a long line of wealthy and aristocratic residents, such as the Duke of Westminster, who wooed none other than Coco Channel within its famous walls. Within the barbershop and spa area are marble walls and heated marble floors.

Each client is given access to an LED screen TV during his appointment, which can include everything from haircuts to massages, facials, hand and nail grooming, shaves and wedding packages for grooms and ushers.

Dapper Gents Grooming Lounge

St. Louis, MO

Ideally located between a steakhouse and a cigar bar, Dapper Gents is a lounge that caters not only to men’s grooming needs, but also everyday items like sports coats, dress shirts, boots and watches. Along those same lines, Dapper Gents offers shoe shines, tailoring and style consultations. It does, however, also live up to its “grooming lounge” name. Services offered include haircuts, head shaves, beard and mustache trims, straight razor shaving and eyebrow waxing.

John Allen’s Premiere Men’s Grooming Club

New York, Beverly Hills, San Francisco and Toronto

John Allen—the actual guy—has long been a leading men’s grooming and hair care guru who brought Parisian training to his home country of America. When he started opening up establishments, he was inspired by an uncle’s pool hall and decided to create spaces where men would feel comfortable. The John Allen clubs are designed to cater not only to men’s grooming needs, but to their leisure as well. Men can watch sports in the JA lounge while sipping beer and playing pool. The grooming amenities are part of a full-service facility that offers hair care, scalp massages, shaves and beard trims, facials, shoe shines and hand and foot maintenance.

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