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Moxy NYC Times Square

Moxy NYC Times Square

The Ultimate Urban Amusement Park Hotel

The Ultimate Urban Amusement Park Hotel

By Audrey Pavia

For regular patrons of the Marriott hotel chains, like the Sheraton or the Westin, the Moxy NYC Times Square can be a bit of a shock at first. Instead of the long mahogany check-in desk you’d get at most Marriott hotels, your first impression at the Moxy NYC Times Square is an expansive two-story atrium with staffed podiums for checking in, surrounded by a marquis modeled after split-flat train schedule on both sides of the room. The marquis flashes 500 different song titles and lyrics 24 hours a day.

The Moxy is the Marriott’s newest lifestyle brand, designed specifically for the customer of tomorrow. Aimed toward younger guests who want to stay in midtown Manhattan without the exorbitant expense associated with more traditional hotels like The Ritz Carlton, The Peninsula and The Four Seasons, the Moxy Times Square is a boutique hotel with a truly unique style. The Moxy is located at 485 7th Avenue, in a 16-story neo-Renaissance limestone, brick and terracotta building erected in 1907. This landmark building was originally the Mills Hotel, which provided 1,885 rooms exclusively for men. Although most of its patrons, who paid only $25 a night, were blue collar workers, salesmen, and hotel and service industry employees, the hotel’s location near the theater district also made it popular with actors and entertainers. In the 1980s, the address became an office building, and was functioning as such until Marriott purchased it in 2014.

In September 2018, the Marriott opened the Moxy Times Square at this address, having turned the interior of the building into 612 bedrooms. And what unique rooms they are. The majority of guest rooms at the Moxy are considered “micro,” with around 200 square feet of minimalist, streamlined design. To make the best use of space, the rooms have under-bed storage, furniture that folds away, and a pegboard wall (in lieu of a closet) to hang clothes.

The highlight of each room is the walk-in shower. A glazed lava-stone sink is just outside the bathroom, leaving the toilet and shower together in one gray tiled room. Roomy enough to accommodate two, the shower is designed to look and feel like you are inside of a swimming pool.

Outside the Room

While the rooms are one of the most unique features of the Moxy Times Square, the public areas are head turners too. The fun starts on the 2nd floor, where the Bar Moxy lounge features comfy seating and countless places to juice up computers and smartphones. Wait staff attend to guests in the lounge and those seated near the bar under a soaring atrium. A grab-and-go kiosk called The Pickup is nearby, featuring fresh fruit, breakfast cereals, protein bars, candy and other snacks.

If you’re looking for some NYC style, the Moxy is also home to the Blind Barber, an inhotel old school salon modeled after classic vintage barbershops. With its white walls, turn-of-the-century white hexagon-tiled floor and black-and-white retro-style chairs, the Blind Barber gives the feel of an old time barbershop with all the modern trimmings— including its own line of hair and skin products.

Moxy Nightlife

When the sun goes down, the fun starts at the Moxy’s Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge. Part lounge and part amusement park, the 18th floor Magic Hour is the largest indoor/ outdoor rooftop bar in the country, and features five distinct environments. The 10,000 square foot bar features two covered patios—east and west. You can see the Empire State Building from the east patio, while the west patio bar and banquette seating is designed to mimic a carousel, complete with gleaming metal and twinkling lights. One seating area in the west patio rotates slowly like an antique merry-go-round.

The entryway to the Magic Hour is adorned with ornate elephant sconces and details playing into the venue’s “urban amusement park” theme. Guests can order a menu of shareable light bites rooted in the world of the state fair. This includes modern takes on classics like Corn Hush Puppies, Lobster Rolls, and Boozy Cupcakes. A list of decadent and sharable cocktails like the Disco Ball for All are also available, along with beer, wine, fine spirits, and Champagne.

If the weather is nice, guests can venture outside the covered rooftop to the outdoor area, which features unusual topiaries and views of Manhattan. There’s even a sexy miniature golf course, called Fore Play.

The Elephant Lounge is another rooftop spot for nighttime revelry. Cozy and quirky, the lounge opens out onto the east patio, overlooking the Empire State Building.

Moxy Cuisine

Although Manhattan literally has hundreds of places to eat, guests can choose to stay at the Moxy Times Square to dine. Two eateries, Legasea and Egghead, provide a wide variety of selections. Legasea is a seafood brasserie serving local and sustainable dishes in a modern atmosphere. Menu highlights include the Lobster Bake (shrimp, clams, mussels, corn, new potatoes), the 7th Ave Seafood Tower, large market-driven salads, and entrées such as Yellowfin Tuna au Poivre and Chatham Cod Fish and Chips, a fresh take on a classic dish.

Egghead, on the other hand, is a made-to-order, open-all-day eggcentric sandwich shop offering a modern spin on the classic New York City breakfast sandwich. The signature sandwich is egg salad, made with freshly baked potato bread, and eggs and cheese from upstate New York farms.

For weekend brunch, it’s back upstairs to the Magic Hour, where food is served Saturdays and Sundays starting at 11:30 a.m. Brunch and lunch choices include classics like a huge stack of pancakes, a Backyard Burger, salads and specialty cocktails, like the giant oversized Pick Your Poison, designed to be shared with friends. A stay at the Moxy Times Square is a sojourn into modern style that’s been carefully designed to fit into the Manhattan landscape. You’ll remember your stint at the Moxy Times Square long after you’ve made it back home.

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