Greens of Dreams: The Golf Channel's Matt Ginell Spans the Globe's Most Gorgeous Courses

By Kevin Kenney From his earliest days, it’s always been about golf for Matt Ginella. Growing up in Santa Rosa, Calif., about an hour north of San Francisco, he worked at local courses throughout high school - mowing greens, picking ranges, changing grips. He applied to agronomy school at Penn State, thinking he might become a superintendent somewhere, before a broadcasting degree from St. Mary’s College landed him an internship at Sports Illustrated and, eventually, the job of golf photo editor in 1996. As fortune would have it, Ginella got that gig the very same week Tiger Woods turned pro – and two careers were born. The Bucket List Question We asked Ginella an almost impossible-to-answer question: Of the 2,500 or so courses he’s played, could he name some of his favorites, his absolute must-plays — his bucket list for the avid amateur to check off before retiring to that great 19th hole in the sky Pebble Beach Golf Links Another example, Ginella says, of one destination that can beget visits to multiple courses. But it begins with the legendary links course, host to five U.S. Opens, with another set for next year, [...]

Road Trip Rejuvenation: Quirky Bars and Locales Across the West

By Amanda Keely-Thurman There’s nothing like a good old fashioned summer road trip. Picture this: you’re cruising through the American West as the open road stretches endlessly ahead. It almost feels like you’ve landed on another planet as the pavement cuts through the dusty and cactus-sprinkled landscape and the giant jagged red mountains jut from the ground skyward. The possibilities of adventure seem infinite and you feel the thrill of the Wild West. You’re rockin’ your Ray-Bans and the radio is blasting classic rock. Indeed—you were born to be wild. But all that driving and rebellious freedom can make a person mighty thirsty. Along with quirky roadside attractions, like an ancient crater or rusty automobile graveyard, nothing screams “ROAD TRIP!” like a unique watering hole that reflects the local history and culture of a town awaiting your exploration. You may feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere, but you’re never too far away from a road trip bar. Pappy & Harriet's Pioneer Palace Pappy & Harriet’s opened its doors in 1982 but the history goes much deeper than its inaugural year. Located just outside of Joshua Tree National Park is a little place called [...]

Summer Coastal Destinations: Ten Charming Atlantic Blue Locales and Resorts

By Audrey Pavia High cliffs, white sand and views of the vast Atlantic—all this and more awaits visitors to seaside resorts along the Eastern seaboard. Although winter weather in the East can be daunting, the summer months can be a wonderful time to take in the splendor of Atlantic beaches. Whether you prefer the rugged beauty of Maine, the Southern charm of South Carolina or the laidback atmosphere of the Florida Keys, there is a great vacation waiting for you in the far eastern states. The Cliff House The northernmost state of Maine is known for its rugged beauty. Sheer ocean cliffs, historic lighthouses and pristine oceans are the biggest draws for visitors to the Pine Tree State. One of the best resorts to provide the Maine experience is the Cliff House. Located in southern Maine between Ogunquit and York, the resort is only an hour drive from Boston, and sits right on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. Guests can relax and enjoy the ocean views, swim in the indoor and outdoor swimming pools, take advantage of a luxury spa or play golf at the adjacent Cape Neddick Golf Club. For a little bit of [...]

A Night Out In Hollywood: The Best Spots to Barhop Like a Star

By Elisa Jordan Say the words “Old Hollywood” and the images that come to mind are sultry women, well-heeled men, smoky restaurants and swanky cocktail lounges. Los Angeles has always catered to the rich, famous and glamorous but for those who want an authentic Old Hollywood experience, there are still several places that date back to the Golden Era (sans the cigarettes). These places are still as elegant as when they opened and remain popular because of their cocktails, décor, service—and privacy. Many establishments will ask guests to leave at the first sign of a camera so an evening out will be strictly paparazzi-free. Step foot into any one of these old-school operations and you might swear you see Clark Gable or Walt Disney out of the corner of your eye. The Polo Lounge at The Beverly Hills Hotel The Beverly Hills Hotel is so entrenched in Beverly Hills culture and history that the city built up around the hotel, not the other way around. The hotel opened its doors in 1912, when the area was still primarily lima bean fields. The theory behind the new resort was simple: superior accommodations, quality service and high-end [...]


By Joe Bosso Photo courtesy of Casa de Montecristo by JR Cigar- Mooresville, NC COMFORT. RELAXATION. RESPITE. That feeling like our challenges and stressors are on hold. Just the right vibe for friends on the same wavelength to effortlessly engage. That’s what attracts us to our favorite cigar lounge. Each establishment has its own personality. It becomes a niche community unto itself. Your go-to lounge is an escape where local flavor and robust tastes are right at your fingertips. Each of the four cigar spots profiled in this issue have put their unique stamp on the lounge life experience. It’s highly recommended you pop in if you find yourself in their neck of the woods. CASA DE MONTECRISTO BY JR CIGAR General Manager: Chris Ferrara Paramus, NJ When is a humidor more of a warehouse? At roughly 5,000 square feet and stocked with over one million cigars, the enormous walk-in humidor at the Casa de Montecristo in Paramus, New Jersey, certainly feels like the latter – or an emporium even. “At one time, it was the world’s largest humidor,” says General Manager Chris Ferrara. “It still might be. We carry several hundred brands, everything from the premium names [...]

The BEST of the WEST

PENDLETON WHISKY MEETS THE SMITH FORK RANCH The River House is one of several guest cabins located on the ranch. - Photo by Audrey Pavia When I received an invitation to visit the Smith Fork Ranch in Colorado to sample some the finest whisky in the West, “no” was not an option. Saying yes to spending time in the western Rockies at a luxury ranch to explore quality spirits was a no-brainer. I arrived at the Montrose Municipal Airport in Montrose, Colo., on a crisp fall evening and took a shuttle an hour or so out to the ranch. It was dark during the drive, and the driver assured me I would be stunned when I woke up the next morning and saw the scenery around me. I knew we were climbing to more than 7,000 feet, so I was expecting something very special. I was not disappointed. After spending the night in the ranch’s River House, a majestic three-bedroom cabin furnished in luxury western décor just above the creek-like Smith Fork River, I was greeted with a stunning array of fall colors as I gazed out my window. The restored wooden barn is the centerpiece of the ranch’s stable. -Photo by William Campbell Breakfast was scheduled for 9 a.m. at the Dinner Bell Cook House, so as I [...]

Lounge Life Stories

Featured Image courtesy of Lone Wolf Cigar Company & Lounge Photo courtesy of Castro’s Back Room COMFORT. RELAXATION. RESPITE. That feeling like our challenges and stressors are on hold. Just the right vibe for friends on the same wavelength to effortlessly engage. That’s what attracts us to our favorite cigar lounge. Each establishment has its own personality. It becomes a niche community unto itself. Your go-to lounge is an escape where local flavor and robust tastes are right at your fingertips. Each of the four cigar spots profiled in this issue have put their unique stamp on the lounge life experience. It’s highly recommended you pop in if you find yourself in their neck of the woods. LONE WOLF CIGAR COMPANY & LOUNGE It’s not surprising that a private cigar lounge located in Santa Monica, Calif., would have a Hollywood-related history. Lone Wolf Cigar Company & Lounge has just that. Two of the lounge’s owners over its long lifespan were Chuck Norris and James Belushi. These days, the lounge is run by a former banker and independent producer David Weiss. Long before it became connected to the movie industry, the Lone Wolf was a historic cigar company. Founded by Sargent E.E. Baracks in 1893, Lone Wolf one of the first tobacco stores on the West Coast. In fact, [...]


Whenever we choose to dress better, we inevitably look to other men as our fashion examples. Maybe it was family or friends, but often we’re influenced by characters in movies or television, famous Hollywood actors in magazine pictorials, or musicians from your favorite bands. Every magazine has articles on their favorite best-dressed men, past or present, but we plan to do one better. Let’s not just talk about the men who wore the clothes; let’s talk about some of the clothes they wore. Hopefully some of these suggestions tickle your fashion-bone, and you can look even better than your style heroes. Photos courtesy of Getty Images >>Liverpool by AllenEdmonds ($445) THE BEATLES The Beatles changed styles frequently throughout their career, navigating between classic, contemporary and hippie psychedelic fashion. But their shoe choice started a trend that has legs to this day. In their early years (Ed Sullivan Show era), you’ll see their iconic mop-tops, velvet collar suits, ties and their shoes: Chelsea boots, a slip-on boot without laces. The best modern choice of these boots is still the Liverpool by Allen Edmonds ($445). It brings the classic Fab Four style and adds impeccable construction and modern aesthetics. If you want to add more Beatles points to your look, grab the Hermes Tricot de Soie 2 Temps tie ($140). It’s thin and black, as [...]

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