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The Lowdown: CALL OF PORT

The Lowdown: CALL OF PORT

The luxury of sipping Port Wine after a sumptuous meal is even more exquisite when capping it off with a fine dessert. Port is a great aperitif when served chilled or straight from the bottle–summer to winter. 

For those not particularly familiar with Port, the wine is a Portuguese specialty that’s made by adding a distilled grape spirit, typically brandy, to a wine base. Only wines that are produced in Portugal’s Douro Valley region can be labeled Port. All grapes must be grown and processed in this region.  

Here we have some Ports and desserts we’ve sampled that you can work into your after-dinner delight.  

Sandeman 40-Year Tawny Porto ($249)
Sandeman leads with intensely deep aromas. It eases into complex flavors–fruity, nutty and even slightly spicy. It offers noticeable hints of vanilla, honey and oak. It’s everything you’d want in a 40-year port.  

*Sandeman 40 meshes with crème brûlée to create a mind-blowing combo. 

Niepoort Bioma Vinha Velha Vintage Port 2011 ($499)
This vintage port is harvested from vines over eighty years old. The scent begins with a dark, earthy nose, and the taste has white pepper, minerals and fruit. It culminates with a sweet and rich fig finish.  

*Enjoy this Reserve Port with cherry pie or dark chocolate brownies. 

Fonseca Vintage Port 2017 ($299)
This critically acclaimed Fonseca offers aromas of jammy red berries and mineral notes. The taste develops with layered and complex waves of black berries, jam and hints of cedar. It culminates with a long velvety finish. This bottle will be in rarified air if your inclined to age it for ten years.  

*Homemade vanilla bean ice cream. Drizzle a few spoonfuls with caramel and savor each bite. 

Dow’s Fine Ruby Port (99.99) 

Dow’s is aged for at least three years in oak casks. It’s exuberant and youthful on the palate and has noticeable raspberry, cherry and chocolatey flavors, with a clean finish and pleasant aftertaste.  

*Pair this beauty with a dark chocolate souffle for the chocolate-lover in you. This is a memorable combo to fall in love with. -Dave Johnson 

Chocolate Salami 

If you ever find yourself in the wondrous country of Portugal sipping port, be sure to request Chocolate Mousse and Portuguese Salame De Chocolate a.k.a. Chocolate Salami as your dessert.  

You can rest assured the dessert features no cured meats. Chocolate salami’s appearance is akin to salami, but incorporates coco, eggs and butter when prepared–truly sublime when enjoying your wine.  

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