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The Lowdown: Dude Bracelets Done Right

The Lowdown: Dude Bracelets Done Right

Despite popular opinion, stars like Johnny Depp and Chris Hemsworth weren’t the first ones to rock the men’s designer bracelet trend. Kick it back to the 5th century BC, when Greek warriors used to wrap their forearms in leather bands to avoid injury. Or to around 800 AD, when Vikings sailed the seas adorned with metal armbands engraved with symbols from Norse mythology. Bracelets are having more than just “a moment;” men have been wearing them for a millennium to show power, wealth, and all-around badassery.   

Unlike watches, it’s easy to mix and match bracelets for a combo of high-low style. Layer a beaded band with a gold cuff, for example, or exit the ordinary with sculptural pieces that could be just as at home in MOMA as they will be on your wrist. The following bracelets are more than just accessories; they’re statements that scream confidence and an unwavering commitment to individuality.  

There are some pitfalls men should avoid when purchasing bracelets, but these designers do it just right and will make your selection foolproof. 

Refined Rebellion 

Giles and Brother Skinny Railroad Spike Cuff in 14K Gold 

Designed by Philip Crangi from the brother and sister design duo Giles and Brother, this bracelet crafted in 14-carat gold represents the spike used on the first transcontinental railroad and symbolizes the American pioneering spirit. Free custom engraving. gilesandbrother.com ($5,100) 

Unleash Your Dark Side 

Vampire Teeth Silver-Tone Bracelet by Raf Simons 

Dive into the dark side of fashion with this vampire-inspired silver-toned brass bracelet by Raf Simons. Its spooky aesthetic will add just the right amount of mayhem to your look. From the final 2023 collection Raf Simons released before becoming co-creative director of Prada, this bracelet is also highly collectible. farfetch.com ($1,721) 

The Modern Minimalist 

Nexus Chain Bracelet in 14K Gold by Miansai 

Michael Saiger’s Miami-based jewelry line Miansai started as a side-hustle during his university years and went on to become the go-to accessory for celebs. Inspired by nautical details, the Nexus Chain bracelet is handmade to order with handwoven cord and a 14K gold link chain. miansai.com ($795) 

The Dark Horse  

Bracelet Clic HH by Hermès 

The Bracelet Clic HH by Hermès combines the equestrian details that the luxury house is known for with black matte enamel and a brushed gold-plated or palladium-plated finish. Made in France and delivered in its iconic orange box. hermes.com ($670) 

The Heavy Hitter 

33g 18-Karat Gold Bracelet by Le Gramme 

Pull your design weight with Le Gramme’s 33g bracelet. Handcrafted in France, each piece in Le Gramme’s arsenal is named for the weight of its pure metal components (gold, silver or titanium) in grams. This investment piece features capsule-shaped 18k gold beads with style worth springing out of your safe deposit box. en.legramme.com ($14,945) 

Metal Manifesto 
Bolt Bracelet by Bottega Veneta
18-karat gold-plated silver and silver cuff bracelet. 

Crafted in Italy, Bottega Veneta’s 18-karat gold-plated and sterling silver bracelet combines sculptural elegance with a tough as nails aesthetic. With its cylindrical form and engraved house moniker on the inner band, this accessory screams bold and impeccable craftsmanship. bottegaveneta.com ($1,550) 

Packs a Punch
Les Fines Lames PUNCH BRACELET–Oscuro Gold Ring 

This striking punch bracelet from French cigar accessories house Les Fine Lames is adorned with 10mm Black Onyx beads, 18k gold spacers, and a gold punch cutter. Billed as the only cigar cutter to pass airline security checks, this accessory is the perfect blend of style, functionality, and craftsmanship. lesfineslames.com ($300) -Molly Headley 

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