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Casa Beatnik Hotel

Casa Beatnik Hotel

Spanish Boho at Its Best

Spanish Boho at Its Best

Galicia is recognized as a popular vacation stop for travelers seeking out Spanish architecture, soaking in rich history, sipping cocktails in picturesque locales and enjoying some of the finest wine in the world.

Travelers seeking bohemian elegance have a new boutique hotel to add to their Galician itinerary. Casa Beatnik, right in the heart of Spain’s Rías Baixas wine region, opened its doors to adventurers this past June. The hotel received immediate buzz due to its unabashedly nonconformist yet upscale aesthetic.

The auberge is the latest creation from the award-winning Bonhomme design studio and hospitality firm known for their colorful, romantic and sophisticated design philosophy. Casa Beatnik offers seven acres of bohemian luxury in the Spanish countryside for excursionists seeking an out-of-the-way getaway.

Just 20 minutes from the regional capital of Santiago de Compostela, visitors choose from 13 offbeat but luxurious suites, impressive yurts, two artisanal restaurants, craft cocktail bars and a working winery. Beatnik’s vineyard boasts the oldest vine in Galicia, a red varietal known as Cascón, which is more than 400 years old and produces a special red served exclusively at the restaurant.

The hotel’s Tribu Restaurant is surrounded by the vineyard and lush gardens. It features traditional Rubia Gallega beef, fresh seafood, wild game and other regional tastes. Tribu’s wine cellar includes top-notch vintages representing the Iberian Peninsula and islands of the Atlantic and Mediterranean. But a glass of house wine is a must.


Other amenities include saunas, a saltwater pool with daybeds, a wellness spa and more. The hotel staff offers guidance for some local exploration via walking tours of ancient cities, and provides recommendations to tranquilidad locales for countryside picnics with someone special. Winery experiences, coastal fishing villages and historic farms are just a short drive away, too. The El Camino de Santiago is a world-famous trail that passes right through the region, and makes for memorable hiking.

Casa Beatnik hoteliers note, “Come along for the ride, we’ll look after everything else.” casabeatnik.com -Sean Chaffin

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