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Cigar & Spirits Magazine Receives 2018 Gold Ink Award

Cigar & Spirits Magazine Receives 2018 Gold Ink Award

Newport Beach, CA
November 14, 2018
Top Hat Media, LLC.

Cigar & Spirits Magazine Receives Coveted Publishing Award

CEO and Publisher of Top Hat Media LLC., Lincoln Salazar, spoke today about Cigar & Spirits Magazine’s most recent award from the publishing industry. The magazine was bestowed a bronze medal by the 2018 Gold Ink Awards. Printing Impressions founded the award over thirty-one years ago and it is recognized as one of the most influential, prestigious and widely read resources in the print industry.

The September-October 2017 issue featuring legendary actor Joe Mantegna as the cover interview netted the magazine a bronze placement from the esteemed publishing voting group.

This Gold Ink award is not restricted to Cigar & Spirits Magazine’s core category but based on all print magazines. Cigar & Spirits Magazine is the first to achieve this award in its direct categories of cigar and spirits in its competitive set.

“Congratulations to everyone at Cigar & Spirits Magazine,” says Salazar. “The Gold Ink Award has been in existence for over three decades and known for acknowledging elite print magazines. This award is a testament to our talented editorial team, namely Editor-in-Chief Randy Mastronicola, and the art department we have assembled. The dedication of our entire support staff should be noted as well.”

Printing Impressions Gold Ink winners have garnered impactful recognition for their magazine, website and social platform accomplishments and they are recognized as industry benchmark publications throughout the nation.

“Given this is our first nomination, we are pleased to be designated amongst publishing’s top companies. I am confident there will be gold in our future and I am very proud of my team for this landmark accomplishment,” says Salazar.

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Cigar & Spirits Magazine is a respected industry leader and the second largest distributed magazine in its category, ranking in the top 20% in luxury and lifestyle magazine sales. The publication features celebrity interviews, lifestyles, fashion, travel, and cuisine coverage. Cigar & Spirits Magazine is a top choice for ultimate lifestyle connoisseurs who enjoy learning about the history and developing trends in the world of cigars and spirits



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