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Botanicals Spotlight

Botanicals Spotlight

Nolet's Silver Gin Leads the Way with Signature Botanicals

Nolet's Silver Gin Leads the Way with Signature Botanicals

By Randy Mastronicola

THE TREND IN HEALTHY LIVING has taken over every consumer category. NOLET’S has been at the forefront of the botanicals movement as an industry leader for a number of years. While it might seem unlikely that alcohol could ever be considered a “health food,” adding plants known for their taste as well as for their beneficial properties has accomplished just that. The most often seen botanical spirit is gin.

Gin is already a botanical spirit by definition since the addition of juniper essence is what sets it apart from other spirits. Given this reality, adding more botanicals to the mix seems a natural.

The array of real botanicals used in NOLET’S Silver Gin leads to fresh and surprising flavors. There’s something for everyone’s palate including slightly tart raspberry, juicy succulent peach and fragrant rose.

“We carefully craft NOLET’S Silver Gin with over 325 years of family distilling tradition and expertise,” says Carl Nolet Jr., 11th Generation Nolet Family Member.

The Nolet family distillation process ensures that each botanical used is individually macerated and then distilled using a specially commissioned copper pot still.

As a whole, botanical led products have increased in popularity over the last few years. According to a report by the American Botanical Council in 2017, the botanicals market topped $8 billion in the U.S. alone. In fact, the botanicals market has almost doubled in size over the past 20 years. So why the trend in adding these plant derivatives to spirits? “We’ve witnessed a tectonic shift where consumers are interested in living a more balanced lifestyle,” says Nolet, Jr. “They’re increasingly aware of how they treat their bodies, how products are made and the impact of their decisions on the planet.”

It’s easy to see why this health trend will continue to inform segments of the spirits industry for a long time to come, and we should keep an eye on NOLET’S Gin as an industry leader for future craft spirits.

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