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Clase Azul MexicoArticle Image
Marketing Director Jesus Martinez
A table setting at A Taste of Culture in Los Cabos

“We exist to captivate the world through the magic of Mexican Culture, while transforming ourselves into better human beings.”
That statement is a lofty goal from a luxury tequila brand, but if you acquaint yourself with Clase Azul you’ll soon realize the aspirational authenticity of that ethos rings true.

Clase Azul is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. That’s an achievement in and of itself given the increasingly overcrowded tequila category. However, the company has gone well beyond staying alive, and has positioned itself to rest in rarified air as luxury artisans in the spirits industry.

Clase Azul’s award-winning tequilas are industry benchmarks, and the brand’s mezcals have quickly gained traction in the resurgent mezcal landscape.

Recently, we checked in with Clase Azul’s director of marketing Jesus Martínez, and he shared his thoughts about the brand’s past achievements and his goals for 2022 and beyond.

The Ultra is the crown jewel in the brand's portfolio - 14 years in the making

Please tell us about how you became affiliated with Clase Azul México.

Until meeting with Clase Azul in 2020, my professional experience was rooted in luxury fashion. Once I had a chance to learn more about Clase Azul, I immediately fell in love with the values and philosophy of the brand and company. I became incredibly excited about the opportunity to promote Clase Azul’s purpose as a Mexican-owned and operated luxury brand.

How rewarding is it for you that Clase Azul has achieved iconic brand status?

It’s an honor to see the global impact our brand is making with what we call our “conscious connoisseurs.” We strive to bring attention to the exquisite nature of Mexico and how our products, services and values reflect our desire to share the magic of Mexico with the world.

Please share with our readership a bit about the history of the brand, and how that tradition informs the brand today.

We are a fully Mexican-owned and operated luxury brand, established in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Arturo Lomeli founded the brand because he wanted to create exquisite spirits, and that’s what we’ve been doing for the past 25 years: offering the highest quality tequila and mezcal, created in our own distilleries with flawless attention to detail.

One of our pillars is to honor our legacy by sharing the authenticity, artistry and heart of Mexican culture with the world. As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, our goal is to become the first Mexican Luxury House, offering new experiences and products to those who seek heritage, culture and unique lifestyle offerings.

Will there be any special events for the brand’s 25th Anniversary?

We inaugurated our 25th anniversary by announcing the brand’s transformation from Clase Azul Spirits to Clase Azul México. We’ll continue to focus on high quality spirits, but are moving into hospitality experiences as well, including some new offerings in Los Cabos and New York in the immediate. We are planning to celebrate our brand’s transformation in a number of ways throughout the year, which will be revealed through upcoming announcements and of course, via our social media channels.

Clase Azul’s bottle art­–your decanters–have been lauded for their artisanal craftsmanship. What are the unique aspects that make Clase Azul collectible and sought after?

Authenticity is key and we are promoters of Mexican artistry, whether it be our distillation process or the creation of our decanters. Our consumer is looking for something unique with the highest level of craftsmanship and quality. At Clase Azul México, everything we do has a human touch, and we are proud at how that cultural experience has been embraced and celebrated.

Who would you say is the typical Clase Azul drinker these days? Why would a new consumer or a seasoned connoisseur select the brand?

Our consumers are curious, adventuresome, have an appreciation for the arts, the environment and humanity among other things. We love that our customers share our product “icons” with their friends and family, creating special and exquisite moments. When luxury seekers try Clase Azul, they can expect the finest quality, beautiful craftsmanship, a captivating story and the opportunity to share the magic of Mexican culture.

The artisanal process for Clase Azul's bottle designs create collectible works of art
Master Distiller Vindiana Tinoco shares her knowledge with team members to ensure quality
Clase Azul's team members are dedicated to enhancing the brand's prestige

What are the most popular sellers?

We don’t define popularity by sales volume. Our products each embody a different profile and personality and each and every consumer will give you a passionate answer about which is their favorite. Our most well-known product is our reposado, which has brought attention to the delicious taste and flavor as well as the eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing blue and white decanter. Our mezcals, Clase Azul Durango and Clase Azul Guerrero–something we were lesser known for until recently–have begun to receive praise from the most discerning mezcal consumers, which is pleasing to see. Our limited editions, like Día de Muertos and Master Artisans are also highly coveted for many reasons, including the close connection to Mexican tradition they create with our customer.

Please tell us about some recent awards that the brand has won.

We are especially proud to be a recipient of the Butterfly Mark certification from Positive Luxury [a luxury certification agency in London]. The Butterfly Mark is given to luxury brands based on an assessment of their social and environmental impact that demonstrates an ongoing commitment to sustainability. One of the main objectives of Clase Azul is to generate a positive impact on the world. We strive to preserve our ancestors’ environment and cultural heritage and promote human growth inside and outside of Clase Azul. We have also been awarded the “Great Place to Work” certification for the past several years in a row, illustrating our dedication to a positive work environment and culture.

What should we be on the lookout for in 2022 and beyond?

We are excited to express our heritage in the coming years with new products and experiences that will expand Clase Azul beyond the world of spirits. We recently opened “A Taste of Culture” in Los Cabos, Mexico–a tasting experience tucked behind our current boutique. We are also in the final stages of opening “La Terraza,” a dining experience also in Los Cabos. New York City will soon see the “Clase Azul Loft” in Dumbo Brooklyn, with more projects to be announced throughout 2022 and beyond.


Matt Randolph is an award-winning editor and writer living in Santa Fe, NM.

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