The Award-Winning Spirits Company Continues to Defy the Status Quo with a Game-Changing Vodka That’s Filtered Through Sugar Maple Charcoal and Encased in the Brand’s Iconic Unbreakable Stainless Steel Can

LOS ANGELES, CA (March 04, 2019): Stillhouse Spirits Co. is proving once again that doing things their way – by defying industry norms and expectations, from liquid to package – has led to their unprecedented expansion and revolution of the spirits industry in just under three years.

Renowned for their award-winning Stillhouse Whiskey and Stillhouse Black Bourbon, as well as their award-winning, recognizable stainless steel can, Stillhouse Spirits Co. is now breaking into the biggest spirits category with the debut of Stillhouse Classic Vodka.

From inception, Stillhouse set out to break through the monotony, to create something dynamic and undeniably different, something iconic; a company that felt established, that felt trusted and that was born in the USA. In 2016, Stillhouse put clear whiskey in a stainless steel can – an industry first – allowing it to go where glass can’t, EVERYWHERE. In 2017, they introduced the 375mL “roadie,” a flask-sized version of the can that fits in your back pocket, and also welcomed multi-platinum rapper G-Eazy to the team as Investing Partner & Co-Creative Director. In 2018, Stillhouse achieved nationwide distribution and debuted its award-winning Black Bourbon – the first ever to be rested and mellowed in roasted small batch coffee beans. Now, with the introduction of Stillhouse Classic Vodka, the company is positioned to broaden their expanding portfolio.

“Since day one of Stillhouse, it was always the plan to create a unique and differentiated platform in the spirits industry – from the inside, out. Where others have stayed the course, we have paved our own path,” said Brad Beckerman, Founder & CEO of Stillhouse Spirits Co. “Our aim was to establish Stillhouse as America’s Finest within multiple spirit categories while being encased in our one-of-a kind stainless steel can; first with our clear Whiskey portfolio, then with our Black Bourbon and now, with the creation of our Stillhouse Classic Vodka.”

Stillhouse Classic Vodka, all-natural & gluten-free, is distilled from 100% estate grown corn and limestone water, then filtered to perfection through sugar maple charcoal, resulting in a polished finish. Encased in a striking bone white version of the brand’s signature 100% stainless steel can, Stillhouse Classic Vodka is crafted for those who were born to stand out and go freely where others can’t go; those with an Unbreakable Spirit.

“What I love most about Stillhouse is that it’s a lifestyle – we have something for everyone. Whether you’re a whiskey drinker or a vodka drinker, we got you covered. After all, variety is the spice of life,” said G-Eazy, Investing Partner & Co-Creative Director of Stillhouse Spirits Co. “As a brand, we’re breaking the mold and doing things differently, from our packaging to our portfolio approach, we’re standing out… and we take pride in that.”

Stillhouse Classic Vodka (80 proof / 40% ABV) joins Stillhouse’s diverse clear whiskey portfolio of all-natural, gluten-free expressions in a daring red can that includes Original (80 proof / 40% ABV), Apple Crisp, Peach Tea, Coconut, Mint Chip & Spiced Cherry (69 proof / 34.5% ABV) and Black Bourbon encased in a matte black can (80 proof / 40% ABV).

Stillhouse Classic Vodka is now available for pre-order online at and will be available on shelves, nationwide by April 1st, 2019. The suggested MSRP for the 750mL can is $21.99. Stillhouse will release the 375mL “roadie,” later this year.


About Stillhouse® Spirits Co.
Stillhouse Spirits Co. is a powerhouse company lauded for its award-winning American-made spirits portfolio which are encased in one-of-a-kind, unbreakable 100% stainless steel cans that go where glass can’t; EVERYWHERE. Forging a path that goes against the grain, Stillhouse Spirits Co. was founded in 2016 by entrepreneur Brad Beckerman who has since welcomed Investing Partner & Co-Creative Director Gerald “G-Eazy” Gillum to the company. From inception, Stillhouse has created a unique and differentiated platform in the spirits industry – from liquid to package – by defying industry norms, breaking through the monotony and always embodying the Unbreakable Spirit.

The company first made its mark with their clear whiskey portfolio encased in daring red, portable stainless steel cans. All-natural & gluten-free, Stillhouse Whiskey is available in Original, Apple Crisp, Peach Tea, Coconut, Mint Chip and Spiced Cherry. In 2018, Stillhouse Spirits Co. introduced Stillhouse Black Bourbon. Packaged in a matte black stainless steel can, Black Bourbon defies the notion of how bourbon is traditionally made, being the first ever to be rested and mellowed in roasted small batch coffee beans.
In 2019, the brand is taking the biggest spirits category head on with the debut of Stillhouse Classic Vodka.  Presented in a striking bone white version of the brand’s signature stainless steel can, Classic Vodka is all-natural, gluten-free and is distilled from 100% estate grown corn and limestone water before being filtered to perfection through sugar maple charcoal, resulting in a polished finish.
Stillhouse’s award-winning spirits are available nationwide at America’s Finest retailers, establishments, select Duty Free Americas and United States Marine Corps retail stores. For a location near you, please visit and to purchase online, go to

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