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Apple Watch Series 2

Apple Watch Series 2

By Sabeeha Dhillon

It’s no surprise that Apple has upgraded another first generation device that may be more popular than it’s first. The Series 2 Watch is now available, and will shine a bit brighter than it’s older sibling. With a retina display that claims to be twice as bright as the previous generation with 1,000 nits, it will be more visible in daylight. Another key difference is the water resistant capability that goes up to 50 meters. This is ideal for those who love to dance in the rain, live in the moment, yet lose track of time. There’s no need to worry if you get pushed into a pool as a prank, but your apple watch is still on.apple-watch2-3up-water

An interesting feature is that the touch display cannot be used under water, but the buttons on the side of the watch will still allow the user to navigate the watch smoothly. Once out of the water, the water-lock mode is switched off and the watch purges water from it’s air vent, which is right next to the speaker. The built in GPS in this series let’s you leave your iPhone at home while you go on a jog. You can communicate to your contacts without your phone being near by. When you return, it syncs and uploads all the information and activity stats back to your iPhone. There are multiple new comprehensive workout apps that have been added just for this series 2 watch as well.

The wireless AirPod headphones, which were introduced alongside the iPhone 7, will be available to sync with Apple Watch Series 2. Siri is said to be much more reliable and responsive as well. There is now a built in app called Breathe to help you relax. Unlike the series 1 watch, there are a few more editions available with the series 2: Nike sports version; a crisp all white, scratch free, ceramic watch; and a designer Hermes watch.

Apple Watch 2The Series 2 seems to be much more than just an upgraded version of the series 1, but more of a premium experience. Even the wrapping and box that the series 2 comes in, is lined in velvet. The series 2 Apple watch is the more refined version of the 1st with a few notable upgrades. Apple seems to have worked out all the kinks and has now tailored it to be more user friendly. This watch isn’t just geared towards the more physically active, but also those who are not avid gym goers. The design, notifications, and overall performance has improved. The sleek and simple scheme of the apple watch is more distinguished, down to every last detail.

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