The Lowdown: Shear Delight

By Dave Johnson

Shear Delight

Ever since humans realized animal skins could be used for warmth, leather and fur have been clothing staples. And the humble sheep has given us one of the best applications of animal hides: shearling coats. The shearling coat features sheep’s wool on the inside lining with additional accents throughout the coat. Shearling is a very comfortable textile that can be a great addition to your wardrobe especially if you’re seeking warmth and admiring looks. It definitely throws off a cool and masculine vibe for fall and winter. Here are a few outerwear options to get you started.

Whenever shearling is mentioned, one classic design is the denim trucker-style jacket. Few brands do this jacket as well as Freenote Cloth with their RJ2 Denim White Shearling Jacket ($900). The company makes meticulously crafted, heavy-duty clothing that’s superior and stylish. This jacket is ruggedly made with a 20 oz heavyweight denim from Japan, heavy-duty hardware and then lined in shearling. The RJ2 looks great with a turtleneck, and other pieces if you’re going for a layered look. It’s a stunning denim jacket.

The Royal Air Force was issued a shearling-lined leather jacket during World War II. It came to be known as the Irvin jacket. This style has been replicated numerous times, but the Cromford Leather Company’s version ($4,300) is the best yet. Their Douglas Jacket is made with a very durable cowhide on the outside and lined with shearling. Sometimes bomber jackets can look a bit like a costume, but Cromford Leather has really nailed the style here. It looks timeless, but with a modern take. We love this jacket because most everyone will look stealth in a bomber like this.

The Officine Générale Jeff Coat ($2,700) definitely offers a Robert Redford feel with its wonderful Western look. It’s a mid-length jacket made from a smooth Portuguese suede exterior and then lined with shearling. This is a great design that dips its toe into Western wear—but just a little bit. It’s a great piece to have if you think the other shearling coats out there are too loud.

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