The High Roller Life: Jetsetter Gambling Destinations Across the Globe

By Kim Campbell Thorton Made it big in tech? Just won the lottery? Come from old money? If you’re looking for a way to blow some bucks on a grand scale, casinos around the world are anxious to help. And they have a special welcome for high rollers—“whales” in gambling parlance—the people who lay down five- and six-figure bets at a time without batting an eye and collect handsome rewards from casinos in the process. While Las Vegas might be the first place that comes to mind when you think “high roller,” plenty of places around the world are equally if not more attractive to high-end gamblers with a penchant for luxury and a lust for international destinations. Exotic settings, islands in the sun, aristocratic haunts: All have one thing in common—the lure of the tables. Here are six luxe locales that draw stars—think Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Lady Gaga, Bruce Willis—spies (fictional and otherwise), socialites and highflyers. Macau This island gaming capital on the west side of China’s Pearl River Delta has gambling revenues seven times greater than Las Vegas and is nicknamed the gambling capital of the world. By [...]

Orange County’s Signature Cocktails: Javier's Cadillac Margarita

By Miyuri Norris Cigar & Spirits Magazine is on a journey to compile a list of signature cocktails native to the Orange County area. First on our list is the signature Cadillac Margarita from the esteemed Mexican Food chain: Javier's. Javier's presents a rich heritage of elevated Mexican cuisine in a friendly, captivating ambiance. Enjoy hand-shaken margaritas, rare tequilas, craft cocktails and a vast selection of beer and fine wines. Dine with Javier's in the main dining room, al fresco patios, one of our intimate private dining rooms, or at the exquisite bar surrounded by one of the West Coast's largest selection of the world's finest tequilas. Watch as Gaspar demonstrates how to make the brand's signature Cadillac Margarita! How to Make Javier's Signature Cadillac Margarita Watch as Javier's Newport Beach's lead bartender, Gaspar, makes the chain's signature Cadillac Margarita. Check out the rest of our lifestyle pieces!

Ten Old School Steakhouses: Must Stop Spots for Prime and Chops

By Audrey Pavia Dining in an old school steakhouse is a unique experience. The dark wood, linen tablecloths and subdued lighting typical of nostalgic steakhouses seem to make the food taste even better. No self-respecting metropolitan area would be without an old-time steakhouse. Here are some steakhouses of distinction around the U.S. you’ll be sure to visit when you’re in their neck of the woods. Smith & Wollensky 797 Third Avenue New York, New York Known for its in-house dry-aged and hand-butchered USDA Prime steaks, the Smith & Wollensky in Manhattan is the original restaurant that spawned franchises by the same name in the U.S., London and Taipei. Located in midtown Manhattan on the corner of Third Avenue and 49th Street, Smith & Wollensky has been operating in this location since 1977. The name doesn’t represent a family or business legacy; it was chosen randomly from two pages in a New York City telephone book. Smith & Wollensky takes particular pride in its service, which gets rave reviews from customers. Each waiter wears stars on his or her jacket pocket representing the number of years worked at the steakhouse. The menu [...]

Lounge Life Stories

By Joe Bosso COMFORT. RELAXATION. RESPITE. That feeling like our challenges and stressors are on hold. Just the right vibe for friends on the same wavelength to effortlessly engage. That’s what attracts us to our favorite cigar lounge. Each establishment has its own personality. It becomes a niche community unto itself. Your go-to lounge is an escape where local flavor and robust tastes are right at your fingertips. Each of these cigar spots profiled in this issue have put their unique stamp on the lounge life experience. It’s highly recommended you pop in if you find yourself in their neck of the woods. Privat Cigar Lounge at Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa General Manager: Kato Moy Rancho Mirage, CA The Cahuilla Indian term “pivat” means “smoking tobacco,” but that doesn’t adequately describe what visitors to the Pivat Cigar Lounge, located within the Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa in Rancho Mirage, California, can expect. “We go out of our way to give our guests a high-quality cigar experience from top to bottom,” says Kato Moy, the resort’s senior vice president and general manager. “There’s cigar bars, there’s smoking rooms, and there’s [...]

Summer Coastal Travel

By Julie Harrington Giffin FOR THE OUTDOOR ENTHUSIAST, California unapologetically delivers. An alfresco utopia from its northern border to the edge of Mexico, the Golden State claims fame to some of the most picturesque landscapes in the country. Imposing cliffs keep watch over the rugged Pacific coast of the north, while vast sandy beaches blanket the south. I started my adventure in this alluring state with the top down, my hair windblown, sunglasses on and classic rock filling the air. I drove due east from the coast until I spotted the rolling vineyards of Napa. Glorious Napa Turning off Old Sonoma Highway, I arrived at my destination: the Carneros Resort and Spa. The epitome of understated elegance, Carneros is a slice of heaven on earth, beginning at guest registration, where I was given a complimentary glass of wine. Welcome letter and room key in hand, I am whisked away to a craftsman style cottage, complete with front porch, rocking chairs, and a mailbox to catch my morning paper. The chic interior is well appointed, with soft neutral colors enhanced with a fireplace and floor-to-ceiling, white French doors that open to my [...]

Moxy NYC Times Square: The Ultimate Urban Amusement Park Hotel

By Audrey Pavia For regular patrons of the Marriott hotel chains, like the Sheraton or the Westin, the Moxy NYC Times Square can be a bit of a shock at first. Instead of the long mahogany check-in desk you’d get at most Marriott hotels, your first impression at the Moxy NYC Times Square is an expansive two-story atrium with staffed podiums for checking in, surrounded by a marquis modeled after split-flat train schedule on both sides of the room. The marquis flashes 500 different song titles and lyrics 24 hours a day. The Moxy is the Marriott’s newest lifestyle brand, designed specifically for the customer of tomorrow. Aimed toward younger guests who want to stay in midtown Manhattan without the exorbitant expense associated with more traditional hotels like The Ritz Carlton, The Peninsula and The Four Seasons, the Moxy Times Square is a boutique hotel with a truly unique style. The Moxy is located at 485 7th Avenue, in a 16-story neo-Renaissance limestone, brick and terracotta building erected in 1907. This landmark building was originally the Mills Hotel, which provided 1,885 rooms exclusively for men. Although most of its patrons, who paid only $25 a night, were [...]

Greens of Dreams: The Golf Channel's Matt Ginell Spans the Globe's Most Gorgeous Courses

By Kevin Kenney From his earliest days, it’s always been about golf for Matt Ginella. Growing up in Santa Rosa, Calif., about an hour north of San Francisco, he worked at local courses throughout high school - mowing greens, picking ranges, changing grips. He applied to agronomy school at Penn State, thinking he might become a superintendent somewhere, before a broadcasting degree from St. Mary’s College landed him an internship at Sports Illustrated and, eventually, the job of golf photo editor in 1996. As fortune would have it, Ginella got that gig the very same week Tiger Woods turned pro – and two careers were born. The Bucket List Question We asked Ginella an almost impossible-to-answer question: Of the 2,500 or so courses he’s played, could he name some of his favorites, his absolute must-plays — his bucket list for the avid amateur to check off before retiring to that great 19th hole in the sky Pebble Beach Golf Links Another example, Ginella says, of one destination that can beget visits to multiple courses. But it begins with the legendary links course, host to five U.S. Opens, with another set for next year, [...]

Road Trip Rejuvenation: Quirky Bars and Locales Across the West

By Amanda Keely-Thurman There’s nothing like a good old fashioned summer road trip. Picture this: you’re cruising through the American West as the open road stretches endlessly ahead. It almost feels like you’ve landed on another planet as the pavement cuts through the dusty and cactus-sprinkled landscape and the giant jagged red mountains jut from the ground skyward. The possibilities of adventure seem infinite and you feel the thrill of the Wild West. You’re rockin’ your Ray-Bans and the radio is blasting classic rock. Indeed—you were born to be wild. But all that driving and rebellious freedom can make a person mighty thirsty. Along with quirky roadside attractions, like an ancient crater or rusty automobile graveyard, nothing screams “ROAD TRIP!” like a unique watering hole that reflects the local history and culture of a town awaiting your exploration. You may feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere, but you’re never too far away from a road trip bar. Pappy & Harriet's Pioneer Palace Pappy & Harriet’s opened its doors in 1982 but the history goes much deeper than its inaugural year. Located just outside of Joshua Tree National Park is a little place called [...]

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