Tricked Out Halloween Get-ups For Cigar Guys: and how to…Treat Your Inner Cigar Icon With Flair

By Elisa Jordan

Invited to a Halloween party and want to incorporate your favorite hobby? We have you covered. Here are some costumes that will reveal your hidden persona and require cigars as a finishing touch.


Wearing a Wolverine costume will bring out the bad-ass in you.

The beloved Marvel Comics X-Men comic book character was brought to life by Hugh Jackman in movie adaptions. As many fans have noted, the comic book and movie versions of Wolverine look distinctively different. When following the lead of Jackman’s Wolverine, retractable claws, muttonchops, brown leather jacket, white tank top, boots and cigar are the main style signatures. This costume is so popular that items relating to Wolverine costumes can be easily purchased online.

James Bond

Although any version of James Bond looks debonair, it’s the Roger Moore movies that are most closely associated with cigars

Of all the actors to portray legendary British spy James Bond, it’s the Roger Moore movies that are most closely associated with cigar smoking. Cigars were a hobby of Moore’s offscreen and he incorporated that love into his interpretation of the character. A tuxedo or suit and tie is the quickest way to represent the always well-dressed secret agent. Accessorize the costume with a nice watch, good cigar and martini. Shaken, not stirred.

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill was frequently seen holding up his fingers in the sign of a V to symbolize victory for World War II.

Perhaps no one is more synonymous with cigars than British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who has an actual type of cigar named after him. Churchill picked up the hobby as a young man in Cuba while serving in the British Army. Now considered one of the twentieth century’s most gifted orators and important statesmen for his leadership during World War II, Churchill relied on cigars to help with the stress of his demanding career and public life. He smoked throughout the day and was also known to supplement his cigars with stiff drinks, although his masterful pacing enabled him to partake without getting drunk. To dress as this iconic world leader, Churchill was known to wear suits with bowties and, as the fashion of the time dictated, a hat.

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